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State Wrestling Weekend

February 21, 2024 10:56 AM CDT

The WIAA State Wrestling tournament is happening this weekend. WRCO FM 100.9 will be broadcasting the tournament as we have for well over fifty years. I recall hearing WRCO call the matches of the local athletes in the 1970’s. I would record the bouts of the wrestlers that I knew and give them a cassette tape of their greatest matches. I did that for my cousin Mike Nee, and friends such as Mark Fosterling, Randy and Terry Manning, and others. There are more opportunities with video streaming now, but back than radio was the best place to see the matches. I never made my way to the wrestling room. Basketball called my name where I would excel at scoring in warmups.

Join WRCO this weekend for high school wrestling and in between the matches, you will be able to hear our retro sounds of the fifties through the early nineties on Those Were the Days. We will be taking you back to late February memories through the years. It is so much fun to hear from listeners that are new friends (Cliff in Kenosha) and a few listeners that have been tuning in since our first show in October of 1986 (Marilyn, Rick, Gayle, Debbie, and many others). I hope to talk with you Saturday night during Those Were the Days on WRCO FM 100.9, WRCO.com, and the Civic Media app.


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