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Richland Center Mayoral Election

It looks like there will be a race for mayor in Richland Center this spring. Current District #1 Alderperson Karin Tepley has filed the Declaration of Candidacy for the office of Mayor in the City of Richland Center and is circulating nomination papers. She joins...

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Spirit of ’76

This week on the Saturday night program, Those Were the Days, we will be flying back to December of 1976.  It was wintertime on the farm and that meant that chores were even more difficult.  The one thing that got me through many hours in the cold, was the barn radio....

High School Dance in 1982

In December of 1982, while on break from Trans American School of Broadcasting, two big cheese d.j.'s returned to Ithaca high school to play a record hop.  My school mate Marty Richards and I returned back to the farmland more worldly after living in the big town of...

A New Nee in 1963

Saturday night during Those Were the Days, I will look back to the music of late 1963.  The songs that were big when a miraculous birth took place on the Willow Creek!  The music of that time gets a bad rap. During my Those Were the Days radio show, I will try to...

Rolling Stones Number One Again

Hackney Diamonds in the name of the Rolling Stones new album.  This year marks the 60th anniversary for the group and the 7th decade that they have a charted album!  I did not have high expectations for the new album, but I found it to be very good.  Many of the...

Parent Teacher Conferences in 1977

Each November when I was growing up, it was a difficult time for young Phil Nee.  My mom would make her annual trip to my school for parent teacher conferences. Knowing that my goose was cooked, I would hide in the barn or in a tree fort in the woods hoping that she...

Across the Cornfield in 1981

In November of 1981, I was burning the candle at both ends.  Helping with chores on the farm, attending my senior year of high school, practicing basketball, and appearing in the musical Bye Bye Birdie as Mr. Macafee. During my free hours I was sneaking into Richland...

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