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See You On The 26th!

When the NFL network got the rights to this weekend's Packers/Panthers game,  they moved it to Saturday night.  That means that Backtrackin' and  Those Were The Days will be bumped from WRCO's 'Retro Saturday'  lineup.  This has not happened since Green Bay was in the playoffs a few years back and the wild card game was set for a Saturday night. Since the game is only on NFL network and not on an over the air t.v. station from Madison, many people wont be able to view it.  That makes radio coverage very important here in Southwest Wisconsin.

We will be saving our energy this weekend and getting all ready for the final oldies show of 2020 on December 26th and more fun in 2021!  I never run out of ideas for themes and we already have a music guest lined up for an upcoming show.  Thank you for all of your requests during the year of 2020. Last weekend we had the most song requests we have received for a show since last Summer.   One of my favorite calls starts out with....'I bet you don't have this one...'   Most of the time I can come through.  Even though I have been collecting songs since 1971, every once in a while I can be stumped.   I will miss you this weekend.  We will get together Saturday night December 26th.   Merry Christmas! 


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Tuesday, August 09 2022

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