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Pretend That You're a D.J.

When my parents bought me a Panasonic cassette tape recorder in 1974, I suddenly began creating make believe radio shows.  We owned a small reel to reel machine before that, however, with only about 10 minutes available for recording, it made for short mix tapes.  The cassette opened up the possiblity of 30, 45, or even 60 minutes per side.  For a few years I had dreamed about one day being on the radio.  When I saw the movie American Graffitti and Wolfman Jack, it made me even more sure of what I wanted to do for a job.  I began doing pretend radio shows on tape.  With the help of several K-tel greatest hits records, I could recap the hits of the year for 1971 through 1974.   A few of these tapes have survived.  During a recent converstation with a listener of Those Were the Days, they suggested that I feature some of those tapes.  It may be a bit embarrassing, but I have decided to play back a few of those examples of 12 year old Phil Nee practicing to be a big time radio d.j.!  Had I known that someday those tapes would be on an actual radio station, I would have worked harder at sounding better.   It should be a great deal of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

This Saturday night young man Phil Nee will meet old man Phil Nee during Those Were the Days on WRCO FM 100.9 and We will be taking your phone calls if you have a request.  You could be the winner of a trivia prize if you solve our nostalgic puzzles.  Our stories behind the songs will focus on a couple of famous songs with girls names in their titles.  We will head to the interview archives and tell you how the song Suzie-Q came to be and one of the great hits from summertime 1972 (50 years ago!!) , Brandy (You're a Fine Girl).  It is suppose to be a nice weather weekend and Those Were the Days will provide you with a great soundtrack from beautiful southwest Wisconsin.


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Let's Go Back To 1984 Daddy-O!

This Fathers Day weekend, Those Were the Days will be jumping in the 'Hot Tub Time Machine' and going back to 1984.  Feel free to request a favorite from the fifties through the eighties between six and midnight.  I was very busy last Saturday and could not get all of the requests played.  It was such a blessing to hear from so many folks.  The caller that checked in from the greatest distance was one of our truck driving friends that was long distance hauling in Massachesetts. 

When I hear the Summer hits of 1984, I am transported back to the days of spinning vinyl records and cassette tapes at various functions.  I remember a gig at St. John parking lot in Muscoda.  'When Doves Cry' by Prince had just been released and I had to play it a few times that night.  It would get to number one in July and the movie 'Purple Rain' would be number one at the box office.  Bruce Sprinsteen's 'Born In the USA' album was released in June of 1984.  'Dancing In the Dark' was a staple at all of the dances and the video (featuring Courtney Cox) was in regular rotation on MTV.  Some of my other faves from 1984 include:  Run, Runaway-Slade,  Magic-Cars,  The Longest Time-Billy Joel,  Rock You Like A Hurricane-Scorpions,  Round and Round-Ratt,  and Romancing The Stone-Eddy Grant.  I bought the 45's at the Music Shop in downtown Richland Center and than often I wound up purchasing the full album and the cassette version as well.  I spent all of my hard earned hay making and corn cultivating money when I invested in vinyl.  

Happy fathers day to all of daddy-o's out there.  My father influenced me a great deal.  His love of music and his collection of 78 r.p.m. records rubbed off on me and I have been picking up records for over 50 years!  It was not what he said, but his actions that taught me many life lessons.  I never heard him say a bad word about anyone.  He was my best audience.  My goal was to try to get him to laugh.  Sometimes I had to work pretty hard at it!   I feel that one of the problems that we have today is that there are not enough good fathers.  

Salute your dear old dad and request him a song during Saturday nights' Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9 and  Maybe you could win dad a prize by answering one of our trivia questions between six and midnight.


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Rock n' Rodeo Hits

Richland Center has long been the host city for State Finals Rodeo each summer.  The 63rd edition will take place this weekend at the Richland County Fairgrounds.  It is great to welcome the cowboys and cowgirls and their family, friends, and fans.  We will see many fans at the annual Rodeo parade which steps off at 10:30 Saturday morning.  Join Ron Fruit and me at the downtown review station as we announce the names and recognize the floats.  Saturday night I will be in the studio to play some rock n' rodeo hits.  Here are some examples of our mix tape theme.....Long Tall Texan-Beach Boys,  Back In the Saddle-Aerosmith,  Wild Horses-Rolling Stones,  The Horse-Cliff Nobles & Co.,  Rhinestone Cowboy-Glen Campbell,  A Horse With No Name-America,  Wanted Dead Or Alive-Bon Jovi, and Wild Wild West-Escape Club.  We will lasso the hits of the fifties through the eighties during this Saturday nights' Those Were The Days radio show.

We will also pay tribute to Jim Seals of Seals & Crofts.  I have always enjoyed the music that they put out during their hit making years.  This is what the Associated Press sent out this week...

NEW YORK (AP) — Jim Seals, who teamed with fellow musician "Dash" Crofts on such 1970s soft-rock hits as "Summer Breeze," "Diamond Girl" and "We May Never Pass This Way Again," has died at age 80. His death was announced Tuesday by several people including John Ford Coley, who had formed the '70s duo England Dan and John Ford Coley with Seals' older brother Dan. Seals and Darrell George "Dash" Crofts were Texas natives who had known each other since they were teenagers and had previously been in the Champs. They formed Seals and Crofts in the late 1960s.
I hope that you will join our show between six and midnight Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 and  Together we will put together another awesome playlist.  You could be one of our trivia V.I.P.'s!
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Summer Hits and Coney Dogs

If you have listened to my Those Were the Days radio program, you know that I have a nostalgic craving for Dog N' Suds cuisine from time to time.  There was a franchise in Richland Center when I was growing up.  I became addicted to their coney dogs and occasionally a Texas burger.  There are not many Dog N' Suds restaurants left.  For my coney fix, I have to drive to Tomahawk, Wisconsin or Richmond, Illinois.  I have visited the Richmond site a few times over the years and I have to say that when I chew on a coney, I am magically back in 1979.  During those long ago summer days, we would spend time baling hay and doing all the chores on the farm and than cruising to the drive in for some nourishment before night time milking.  The radio was always blasting all the hits of the day as we flexed our muscles trying to impress the car hops (they were not). Some of the tunes from the Summer of '79 that remain favorites of mine include:  I Want You To Want Me-Cheap Trick,  Renegade-Styx,  Rock N' Roll Fantasy-Bad Company,  Heart Of Glass-Blondie,  Dance The Night Away-Van Halen,  Gold-John Stewart,  I Was Made For Lovin You-Kiss,  Blow Away-George Harrison,  and Love Takes Time-Orleans.  

I look forward to spinning your requests from the fifties through the eighties on Saturday night between six and midnight on WRCO FM 100.9 and  We will feature some fun trivia and memories of 1979.  You could win some cool prizes including tickets to the upcoming Wisconsin State Rodeo finals which will happen next weekend (June 10th, 11th, and 12th).  I hope to hear from you during Those Were The Days Saturday night.  I wont be able to have any coney dogs flown in, but the tunes will be tasty!


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1969 Top Forty Bliss

When I watch youtube videos of old variety shows from the 1960s',  I long for those days.  We did not have access to pictures and video 24/7 like we do now.  When a new singing group made its national t.v. debut, we would get our first look at them.  Shows like Petticoat Junction,  Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Land Of The Giants,  Mannix,  Mission Impossible, and Love American Style were featuring brand new episodes.  Many of the songs that were on the charts in the spring of 1969 are still familiar and get regular play today.  Some of my faves from 1969 this weekend were from 'one hit wonder groups' .  They  include:  Gimme Gimme Good Lovin-Crazy Elephant,  More Today Than Yesterday-Spiral Staircase,  Morning Girl-Neon Philharmonic,    Love (Can Make You Happy)-Mercy, and  Black Pearl-Sonny Charles & the Checkmates.  The Beatles had one of the top songs with Get Back.  The Ventures were playing the theme from Hawaii Five-0,  Stand! by Sly and the Family Stone was a hit, and Glen Campbell was crossing over from Country with Where's The Playground Susie?  It seems like only yesterday when those songs were new on the radio and playing as I farmed the linoleum floor with my toy tractors.

This Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 I will be honored to play some of those 1969 gems along with your rock and roll requests.  We will be attempting to stump you with our favorite trivia questions.  Make sure during this holiday weekend that you remember to listen to 100.9 FM and  Perhaps request a song and enjoy radio like it used to be.

Our family had a huge loss this week when my mother Rose Mary Nee passed away.  I not only lost my dear mother, but WRCOs' best listener.  She never turned her radio off or changed the dial.  Even in her last days, the radio was playing by her bedside to comfort her.  Since a lot of my vinyl collection has been converted to digital to use on the radio, I still play a lot of songs that were purchased back in the day.  My mom gave me money which I used to support my vinyl record habit. She even bought me some for good behavior!   When you listen to my Those Were The Days radio show Saturday night, you may just hear a few that my mama bought me!  I miss her very much.  I hope she is in heaven dancing with dad to the radio.


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Where Were You In '72?

During 2022 we will on occassion go back fifty years and remember the hits and stories of 1972.  Saturday night during our Those Were The Days radio show we will recall the hits during Spring of '72.  I was a child prodigy of the radio and could name most Top Forty hits after hearing just a few notes, and could tell you the frequencies of the AM stations that were playing the latest songs.  Public schools let students out for the Summer sooner than they do now.  By this time in the month of May, I was settling in for a Summer of farming and surfing (the radio dial). There was nothing better than a black cherry popsicle (with 2 sticks),  a swim in the Willow Creek,  a trip to Richland Center to check out the latest 45's,  a visit to Gus's Gas Station for a Mallow Cup and a Hillbilly brand grape pop, or a nice day at the old farm house as I played records on our portable record player on the porch.  Some of my favorite songs from the Spring of 1972 include:  Run, Run, Run- Jo Jo Gunne,  Family Of Man-Three Dog Night,  Doctor My Eyes-Jackson Browne,  Oh Girl-Chi-Lites, It's Going To Take Some Time-Carpenters,  I'll Take You There-Staple Singers,  Baby Blue-Badfinger,  Rocket Man-Elton John, Too Late To Turn Back Now-Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose,  and You Could Have Been A Lady-April Wine.

We continue to hear from listeners that listen to our Saturday night stream here at  Last week we had a request from Seattle, Washington!  We will be spinning all of the hits from the fifties through the eighties between six and midnight.  When you hear the 'Magic Cowbell' take the trivia challenge and win from our awesome sponsors.  Those Were The Days will be live and local again Saturday night between six and midnight.  I hope to hear from you.


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Happy Birthday Tommy Roe

Tommy Roe has been a long time friend of WRCO and Those Were The Days.  The station played his 60's songs when they were brand new.  Tommy was a featured performer at a show we hosted at Richland Center High School back in 2005 along with Bobby Vee and the Crickets (what a show it was). His song 'Sweet Pea' was the song my daughter and I used for the dad-daughter dance at her wedding.  It was her favorite song when she was a little girl and I used to play it on the radio for her.   He has been my phone guest several times and will join me again this Saturday night to talk about his new music project and a new major label record deal.  Tommy Roe turned eighty this past week and his new song is called '80'.  We will give his tunes the spotlight during our retro Saturday on FM 100.9 and

Back in the school days, we would get out of school for the Summer around the middle of May.  The fun would begin and music was always a big part of it when I was a 'wee Nee'.  The radio was always on and the songs of Spring and Summer still take me back to those care free days.  I bought a radio that bolted on my bike handlebars and it worked okay until you rode under a powerline or were near an electric fence.  We had an old tube radio in the barn that took about 2 minutes to warm up before it would come on blaring.  That is where I heard many songs that I still love.  It was only an AM radio so we had 1450 (WRCO AM) tuned in.  When my dad wasn't around or not paying attention, I would tune it slightly to 1400 (WISM) out of Madison.  They had a great playlist of top tunes and songs that were only big in the Badger State. The old truck radio could tune in far off signals at night and sometimes I would sit in the cab and try to find the station that was farthest from my home in rural Richland Center.  I used to dream about playing those same songs on my radio show.  That is what I have been doing since 1986!  Join me for trivia, 50's thru 80's music and special guest Tommy Roe Saturday night between six and midnight on WRCO FM 100.9 and



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Rock n' Roll For Mama

During our Saturday night program on FM 100.9 and, we will remember our moms.  I am very fortunate to still have my mom in my life.  She was a teacher in a one room school.   She was able to keep order for all 8 grades.  Years later when I was born, mom was already prepared to discipline me if she needed!  She realized my love of music and would use that to help my behavior.  Many of my 89 cent 45 records came from bribes to behave and get good grades,  take my bath, or get my hair cut with no fuss.  One time she even bought me the 3 record set 'Wings Over America'  by Paul McCartney and Wings when she realized that my allowance would not be able to afford such a purchase.  Mom has listened to the radio all her life and remembers the day that WRCO first signed on the air back in the fall of 1949 when she was a first year student at the Richland County Teachers College.  She still has the radio on 24/7 and even has listened to Those Were The Days for all of these years.  On the Saturday night show, I will play a few songs with mom or mama in the title including:  That's All Right Mama-Elvis,  Mama Told Me Not To Come-Three Dog Night,  Mamma Mia-ABBA,  Mama Can't Buy You Love-Elton John,  Mother In Law-Ernie K. Doe, Mothers Little Helper-Rolling Stones, and I'll Always Love My Mama-Intruders. 

You will be able to request anything that fits the format of fifties through the eighties rock and roll.  I still get new songs and new country requested every week.  Those Were The Days has been on the air since 1986 and we have never strayed from classic Top 40 and rock format.  Not that those other songs are not good, it is just that Saturday night is the time to shine a light on tunes that we can only play once a week.  Perhaps you will win one of our six trivia prizes Saturday night between six and midnight. Win one for your mama.  Happy Mothers Day weekend.


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Spring of '73 and Remembering Bobby Vee

We will fly back to 1973 this Saturday night during Those Were The Days radio show on WRCO FM 100.9 and  This is still one of my favorite years for Top 40 music.  There were plenty of stinkers on the charts, however, the good tunes out weighed the bad.  Some of my faves from the Spring of '73 include:  Daniel-Elton John,  Stir It Up-Johnny Nash,  Stuck In The Middle With You-Stealers Wheel,  Drift Away-Dobie Gray,  Little Willy-The Sweet,  Back When My Hair Was Short-Gunhill Road,  The Cisco Kid-War,  Frankenstein-Edgar Winter Group,  Hocus Pocus-Focus,  and Reelin In The Years-Steely Dan.  What a great time it was to listen to the radio! Back than  I was scanning the dial every night before bed time to hear the latest songs. I would save up my 89 cents so that I could walk downtown in Richland Center and buy a 45.  It was my hope that I could get to Saffell's or Shultz Brothers (the dime store), find my record,  avoid getting  beat up by some Richland Center ruffians, and get back to Keegan Mill before my dad was ready to head home with freshly ground feed for the cattle.  The many obstacles were worth it.  When I would arrive home, I would put my new record on the turntable and listen to it several times.  Once in a while I would be sad when the record skipped.  It was than that I would pull out a couple of nickles for tone arm weight so that my new record would play like it did on the radio.  I will be taking your requests Saturday night for the best of the fiftes through the eighties tunes. My two nickles will be handy just in case the record skips!  Listen and win some fun prizes during our trivia excursions each hour between six and midnight.

April 30th would have been Bobby Vee's birthday.  He was a good friend of Those Were The Days and joined us by phone several times over the years.  We will remember him during our six hour rock and roll tribute show Saturday night.  We will also share memories on Kent Kotal's  Check that out Saturday and than join me for some old school radio on FM 100.9 and



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Let's Try 1982 Again

The first time that 1982 was going to be our featured year on Those Were The Days was back on February 5th of this year.  Unfortunately I had to go to the hospital on February 4th and the live show was cancelled.  Hopefully I will have better luck this week when I will try again to flash back forty years.  In my humble opinion,  1982 was the best music year of the eighties.  Tune in to 100.9 or Saturday night and see if you agree.  Some of my favorites coming out of the dashboard of my'75 Ford Maverick in the Spring of 1982 include:  I Love Rock n' Roll-Joan Jett,  We Got The Beat-The Go-Go's,  Do You Believe In Love-Huey Lewis,  (Oh) Pretty Woman-Van Halen,  Find Another Fool-Quarterflash,  The Other Woman-Ray Parker Jr.,  Hang Fire-Rolling Stones,  Mama Used To Say-Junior,  Don't You Want Me-Human League,  Freeze-Frame-The J. Geils Band,  Since You're Gone-Cars,  Fantasy-Aldo Nova,  Stone Cold-Rainbow,  Only The Lonely-Motels,  and Hurts So Good-John Cougar (Mellencamp).  What a mix tape!!!!  My old buddy Marty and me had a mobile d.j. business in '82 and we started our education in the real world.  The first lesson was to dub the fast records and polkas onto a cassette tape.  If you played a record with an uptempo beat, the dancers would make the record skip.  Another was to make sure that your trailer was shut and locked while you were playing because otherwise it made a good resting spot for drunk people.   Lesson number three was to try and ignore the guy standing by your d.j. stand Judas Priest.  "Hey man, play some Iron Maiden".  "Don't you have any Krokus"?   "Why don't you play some good music for a change"?    I have nothing against those groups.  In fact I like them and some of their songs.  Most of the time, though, when I would give in and spin a tune from the heckler's playlist the floor would clear and the dancers would give me dirty looks.  It would usually take a few songs to get them back and the loud guy had left to walk to the next bar.

I will be taking your requests between six and midnight Saturday night during Those Were The Days.  You can ask for anything that made the charts between the fifites and the eighties.  Listen for the 'Magic Cowbell' that signals a fun trivia question.  Last week we put together a great playlist.  Thanks to our listeners requests, I played several that I have rarely played.  That is what makes it a blast.   Let's talk Saturday night.


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Blooming Hits Saturday Night

During this Saturday nights' edition of Those Were The Days, I will be digging through the fifties through the eighties music archives.  As you gather during Easter weekend,  I hope you will tune in our family fun show courtesy of WRCO FM 100.9 and  This week the hits will be in full bloom and our theme will include flower songs.  Join me for a green and growing Saturday night in April.   Favorite flower hits include:  Flowers On The Wall-Statler Brothers,  Build Me Up Buttercup-Foundations,  Sugar Magnolia-Grateful Dead,  Crimson and Clover-Tommy James,  Dandelion-Rolling Stones, and the Rain,The Park, & Other Things (I Love the flower girl)-Cowsills.  

I hope to hear from you between six and midnight on Saturday night.  We have been hearing from more long distance requesters.  A couple of truck driving friends checked in from several states away to request tunes last weekend.  I have many memories of Easter weekend when I was a 'wee-Nee'.  My sister and I always made an Easter egg tree.  We would poke holes in the shell and blow the yoke out.  After dropping the shells in coloring, we would hang the eggs on a branch that we found in the woods.  I would hide my Easter candy and sometimes forget where it was.  It was always a surprise treat later (if it wasn't stale).  One year we each got a baby bunny.  By the next Easter,  those furry friends had multiplied and we had several babies for the holiday. 

Please give me a call and request a song,  play trivia, or if you just want to chat Saturday night.  We will watch for the Easter bunny together during Those Were The Days.


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1977 April Hits

In the Spring of 1977 I began my baseball career as a back up right fielder on the Ithaca Junior High baseball team.  It was a difficult position to play with a glove on one hand and my other hand holding up my pants.  As I patroled the outfield, many songs were playing in my head.  Some of my favorites from April of 1977 include:  Lido Shuffle-Boz Scaggs,  Couldn't Get It Right-Climax Blues Band,  Do Ya-E.L.O. ,  Calling Dr. Love-Kiss,  Night Moves-Bob Seger,  Hotel California-Eagles,  The Things We Do For Love-10cc,  So In To You-Atlanta Rhythm Section,  Carry On Wayward Son-Kansas, and Heard It In A Love Song-Marshall Tucker Band.  For those that think that Disco music dominated the airwaves, they were not there.  That music got a lot of play (and I still like some of it), but there was a good variety of styles making the Hot 100.
When I finished with my night time chores, I would sit by my Panasonic Stereo with a BSR turntable, cassette player/recorder and AM/FM tuner.  It was there that I would scan the radio dial and try to catch some of my favorite tunes.  One of my favorite stations for stealing the hits was D.93 out of Dubuque (now KAT FM).  They played many songs that would not be big hits nationwide.  I also taped songs heard on WRCO,  Z-104 and WISM out of Madison, and WLS out of Chicago.  

This Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 and that former Junior High back-up right fielder will be spinning the fiftties through the eighties hits.  I look forward to hearing from you between six and midnight and perhaps you will take one of our trivia challenges.  The name of the show is Those Were The Days.  I will also remember a friend of the program, Bobby Rydell, who passed away this week.  I will be waiting all week for Saturday night!


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Top 40 Heaven In '67

I have mentioned several times on this blog and on the radio that there has never been and will never be another pop music year like 1967.  There was such a variety of music and artists at the peak of their creativity.  Saturday night during Those Were The Days, we will check out the chart and what was on the radio at the start of April in '67. It was a time when Frank Sinatra could have a hit right along side the Blues Magoos or the Strawberry Alarm Clock.   Some of my favorite memories from that chart include:  Sweet Soul Music-Arthur Conley,  A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You-Monkees,  Penny Lane-Beatles,  Happy Together-Turtles,  I've Been Lonely Too Long-Young Rascals,  Ups and Downs-Paul Revere and the Raiders,  I'm A Man-Spencer Davis Group,  You Got What It Takes-Dave Clark Five,  Western Union-Five Americans,  There's A Kind Of Hush-Hermans Hermits, and I Think We're Alone Now-Tommy James and the Shondells.  I could list forty or more songs from this weekends survey from 55 years ago!  We will play a few of those and your rock and roll requests on WRCO Fm 100.9 and Saturday night between six and midnight.  I will share more of our archived interviews including some amazing artists that had hits in 1967.  Look for and Kent Kotal's posting each Saturday this year.  He has been featuring interview highlights from our 35 plus years of Those Were The Days.

It has been great to catch up with our T.W.T.D. listeners.  My post hospital rehab is going well and I was able to squeeze in a full six hour show last weekend.  Thanks for a memorable night.  Our online listeners seem to be growing and we even had a trivia winner with a Michigan address.  We have some fun stuff lined up for this month and I hope you will check in each week.  


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Paul Evans Guests Saturday Night

Singer, songwriter, Paul Evans will be my profile guest Saturday night during Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9.  He has been on the show before, but it has been many years.  Paul has written a new book about his career called Happy Go Lucky Me! A Lifetime Of Music.  He has written a bunch of familiar hits including 'Roses Are Red' for Bobby Vinton, and four songs for Elvis Presley. The song Happy Go Lucky Me has recently been used in a national commercial.  It will be great to catch up with Paul and play some of his songs including: 'Seven Little Girls (sitting in the back seat)'.  I will be in the studio to take requests and play trivia.  It was great to be back on the air last Saturday night.  We took requests for a few hours and it was awesome to hear from so many well wishers.  It is such an honor to be on the air with this program for going on 36 years!  I still talk to new listeners on a regular basis.  Last week we had a good deal of long distance requests from our on line listeners.  I hope you will join our salute to rock and roll's greatest years this Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 and between six and midnight.


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Feeling Stronger Everyday

Hey Rock and Rollers!  This is Phil Nee and I am glad to be sitting up and writing this post.  I went to the hospital on February 4th and am now just starting to get back in shape for my next radio broadcast.  If everything continues to go well, I will be in the studio this Saturday night during Those Were the Days.  We will be taking your requests and playing trivia and getting to know one another again.  My theme will be songs about getting better, about oxygen and breathing.  These are tunes that ran through my head as I laid in bed many days and nights.  Music is a great medicine and I plan to continue my rehab back from critical illness this Saturday night during Those Were the Days.  The best music of the fifties through the eighties will hit the airwaves from six until midnight on FM 100.9 WRCO.


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February 1982 Top 40 Goodies

This week on Those Were The Days, I will be digging out the old 45's from February 1982.   I was wrapping up my Senior year of high school, and playing my last high school basketball game. The radio was always on and my old buddy Marty and me were playing all of the hot hits at local dances.  It was a great time for music.  Some of the goodies from the Billboard chart in '82 include:  Centerfold-J.Geils Band,  Shake It Up-The Cars,  Let's Groove-Earth, Wind, and Fire,  Love Is Alright Tonight-Rick Springfield, Abacab-Genesis,  Working For The Weekend-Loverboy,  I Love Rock n' Roll-Joan Jett,  and Don't Stop Believin-Journey.  I really feel that 1982 was the best year of the 80's for music. 

I will be in the studio to take your requests during the Saturday night radio show between six and midnight.  We will have a full day of local wrestling to cover so I may be a little tired.  I will have to have a couple of Ski soda pops to help keep my eyes open.  We will play trivia and have another great time remembering the greatest songs ever put on vinyl.



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Twisting Back To 1962

It will be a great joy for me to once again play the hits from the first wave of vinyl records on the radio Saturday night.  The Packers blocked us last week and stunk it up,  now it is my turn!!!!   I can stink as well as anyone. 

On this weekends Those Were The Days radio show,  I will be spinning all of your requests and we will stop and park in 1962.  In January '62,  The Twist by Chubby Checker hit number one for the second time.  It had topped the survey two years before that.  It is the only time in music history that the same song by the same artist hit number one twice.  The dance prompted such a craze that there were several other twist records including Peppermint Twist by Joey Dee and the Starlighters which was number three this weekend sixty years ago.  The Top 20 in January of 1962 featured many that are still well remembered today including:  The Lion Sleeps Tonight-Tokens,  Can't Help Falling In Love-Elvis,  Happy Birthday Sweet 16- Neil Sedaka,  Run To Him-Bobby Vee,  Please Mr. Postman-Marveletes,  Town Without Pity-Gene Pitney,  and I Know (you don't want me)-Barbara George.   The movie that inspired me to try to be a radio announcer, American Graffitti, was set in that year.    The films tagline was 'Where Were You In '62?'     

Those Were The Days this Saturday night will be featuring the regular stuff including trivia, requests, bad jokes, and the greatest music of all time.  We will hit the airwaves between six and midnight on WRCO FM 100.9 and



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No Show-Green and Gold

Last Saturday night I predicted that Those Were The Days might be blocked, and now it is.  Coach Mike McCarthy and Dallas flopped otherwise the Pack would have played on Sunday had the 49er's lost.  I do not like missing a Saturday night of old tunes with friends, however, it is for a good cause if the team wins.  Join WRCO FM for the coverage starting at 5:00 p and kickoff at 7:15 p.  Go Pack, Go!!!

After being benched this weekend, I will come back strong next weekend with more hits of the first era of vinyl.  It will be like when the coach finally put me in and I scored my first Varsity points (other than warm-ups).  In the meantime please check out Kent Kotal's  Each Saturday during 2022 we are posting portions of Those Were The Days archived interviews that have been heard on WRCO since 1986.  I have a big collection of tapes and it is time to get those out of the storage containers so that people can hear them.  This Saturday I will share a classic interview with Canadian Rockabilly legend Jack Scott.

I will be dusting my records and getting ready for our next Saturday night Those Were The Days on January 29th.



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Sitting By The Radio In 1972

It was early 1972 when I slipped head over heals into following the Top 40 and trying to collect the songs I heard on the radio.  I  would trudge to Saffels' in downtown Richland Center and pick up a copy of the Radio Doctors Survey which documented the most popular songs in the midwest.  At night I would listen to the radio and make notes on the songs I heard.  Eventually I had collected enough 45's to make my own charts.  In early 1972 some of the top records included:  American Pie-Don McClean,  Brand New Key-Melanie,  Day After Day-Badfinger,  It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)-Partridge Family,  Anticipation-Carly Simon,  Have You Seen Her-Chi-Lites (my first purchased 45),  Black Dog-Led Zepplin,  Precious and Few-Climax,  and Bang A Gong (Get It On)-T. Rex.  I caught some of these on our reel to reel tape recorder as they played on the radio.  Cassette technology was still a couple of years away from the farm house at Aubrey Corners.  It blows my mind to think about the young lad listening and dreaming as the radio played and now as an old lad I am still loving the songs of '72 and am blessed to be able to play them on my own radio show.

Join me Saturday night for warm January memories and trivia during the six hour Those Were The Days radio show.  We will blast out all of the hits from the first era of vinyl rock and roll records and stop once in a while in 1972. I hope that you will drop by and join us on WRCO FM 100.9 and   Pop some popcorn, play a few board games,  drink a couple bottles of Ski soda pop, and I will bring the records.


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Happy Birthday Elvis!

Elvis Presley was born on January 8th 1935.  Saturday night during Those Were The Days on WRCO, I will be playing Elvis' biggest movie songs.  While many of his movies are considered lightweight,  I have always enjoyed them.   Starting with Love Me Tender in 1956 and ending with Change Of Habit in 1969,  Elvis made as many as three movies a year.  While some of the music was not that great, some of Elvis best known songs came from movies including:  Love Me Tender,  (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear,  Return To Sender,  Rubberneckin',  and Jailhouse Rock. 

Join me for some Elvis classics and all of your requests Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9 and  Check out for interviews from our archives most Saturdays in 2022. This week you will be able to hear from a few of Elvis' pals that we have talked with through the years.  You could win a prize and prove that you do remember a few things from the past.  It has been a pleasure to talk with new long distance friends now that our show can be heard all over the world.  Last week we had calls from California, Michigan and Iowa.  Tell your friends and relatives to listen to Those Were The Days and than request a song for them between six and midnight Saturday night.


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