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Summer of ’82

July 3, 2024 11:10 AM CDT

In July of 1982 I was ready to leave the nest. It was an exciting time because I knew that I would not have to be up early for morning milking and my social calendar would not have to take a hit because of nighttime farm chores. My destination was Wausau Wisconsin to attend the late great Trans American School of Broadcasting. My school mate, Marty Richards, was planning the same path at his family farm just up the road. We still do not disclose all of the zany mishaps that happened in central Wisconsin during that time because it could involve several departments of state government. After a year of living in our dingy apartment, we were lucky that my mom and Mrs. Richards somehow cleaned and miraculously got us a security deposit back.

In the mid-summer of ’82 my 1975 Ford Maverick was loaded with plenty of mix tapes for the long drive. It was a great time to be coming of age. The Milwaukee Brewers were having a World Series season, MTV was in its infancy, the arcades were full of brand-new games that would become classics, and for me the dream of someday having my own radio show was my inspiration. Some of the big summer hits are still favorites such as Heat of the Moment-Asia, Caught Up in You-.38 Special, Crimson and Clover-Joan Jett, Abracadabra-Steve Miller Band, Hot in the City-Billy Idol, Don’t You Want Me-Human League, Think I’m in Love-Eddie Money, and Hurts So Good-John Mellencamp. I have been a very lucky man to be able to have my own radio shows since 1986 and still feel like I am living the dream every time I open the microphone.

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