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Top 40 Classics From November 1966

The Top 40 records that were released in the late 60's are incredible.  The fact that many of them are still well known and perhaps more popular than when they were first released is amazing.  On Saturdays' Those Were the Days radio show,  I will tear out a chart from November of 1966 and play some of the biggest hit highlights.  My favorites from that month and year include:  96 Tears-? and the Mysterians,  Hooray For Hazel-Tommy Roe,  What Becomes of the Broken Hearted-Jimmy Ruffin,  Good Vibrations-Beach Boys,  Cherry, Cherry-Neil Diamond,  Girl On A Swing-Gerry & the Pacemakers,  Walk Away Renee-Left Banke,  Last Train To Clarksville-Monkees,  and Nineteen Days-Dave Clark Five.   The year of 1966 was an incredible year for new products that brightened up young Phil Nee's social activites for years to come.  Did you know that Bugles,  Cool Whip,  Crunch 'n' Munch,  Doritos,  Fresca, Slurpee's, and Twister all first appeared in 1966?

I hope to hear from you this Saturday night.  Give me a call and we can chat about all of the good times and great music of the fifties through the eighties.  You can request any popular song of that era (not just 1966 songs).  We had a real Halloween ball last Saturday.  I salute our callers who really went along with the theme and asked for songs that I had not even thought of.  Saturday night you could be the winner of a Those Were the Days collector t-shirt and other cool stufff during our six hour tribute to the vinyl years of music.  You can always send me a line through this blog or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with comments and show and song suggestions.  Lets get together Saturday night.



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November 1976 Far Out Hits
Halloween-Nee Party Saturday Night


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Saturday, December 03 2022

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