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The New Colony Six On Those Were The Days Saturday Night

One of our all time favorite guests will join us on the phone during our six hour rock and roll retro show on Saturday night.  Ray Graffia of the New Colony Six will look back on the history of that Chicago group.  It has been fifty years since the Six had the big hit 'I Will Always Think About You'.    It has been over twenty years since the New Colony Six celebrated our Those Were The Days anniversary show with a concert here in Richland Center.  My wife, June, was not feeling well that night.  She had just found out that our family was going to expand.  Our son, James, will be twenty in July!  The current NC6 will be a part of the Cornerstones of Chicago Rock show at this years Summerfest on June 28th!  The New Colony Six had a couple of well known national hits, however, several other songs were hits here in Wisconsin thanks to WLS radio.  The group has always been a request favorite on Those Were The Days.  I have talked with listeners that remember their Chicago heros playing at a high school or local community building here in Southwest Wisconsin.   We will hear from Ray Graffia, the request line will be wide open, the trivia bell will be ringing, and I will be in the studio this Saturday night to weave everything together.  What a show we have planned!   Perhaps you can join the party.  Just tune to 100.9  WRCO FM 100.9 between six and midnight for pop radio memories from the fifties through the eighties.

Philip James Nee

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Tuesday, November 24 2020

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