Growing up in the 1970's on the farm has provided me with lots of memories and stories to share on the radio.  There are many that say they had similar experiences and others that wonder what in the world I am talking about.  Fifty years ago when 1971 slid in,  my daily goal was to mold the perfect path for a runner sled.  I did not like the round flying saucers.  No matter how hard you tried, you always wound up going backwards down the hill.  I was not a fan of toboggans.  You could not steer them well and the poor sap sitting in the very front would get a face full of snow.  My runner sled, that had an Apollo rocket painted on it, was a Christmas present from Santa.  He must have shopped at Coast to Coast, because I saw one in the store just like it.  That old sled could be navigated around bumps, dead furrows,  bogs, frozen manure,  poor saps that fell off of their flying saucer, and just about any obstacle.  Typically there was ice all over the farm.  I could start near the house and slide on the driveway all the way past the barn and stop before the barbed wire.

When I was not dreaming of riding my runner sled at the Olympics, I was stopping off to warm up at the barn.  The fly specked barn radio was playing all of the hot hits from 1971 this week.  Some of those songs are still favorites of mine today including: Tears Of A Clown-Miracles,  Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?-Chicago,  Your Song-Elton John,  Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin,  Knock Three Times-Dawn,  Black Magic Woman-Santana,  I Think I Love You-Partridge Family,  Stoned Love-Supremes,  One Man Band-Three Dog Night,  and Domino-Van Morrison.   You will be able to hear some great tunes from the chart fifty years past this Saturday night during WRCOs' Those Were The Days.  During 2021 we will pay tribute to 1971 a few times.  It ranks as one of my favorite years for Top Forty music.

You will be able to request a favorite from any of the years that we feature on Those Were The Days between six and midnight Saturday night.  The magic cowbell will be back to usher in each trivia question.  I hope to hear from you.  Give us a call at 608 647-4155 and we can talk.  I will have the light on for you this weekend.