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Put On Your Dancing Shoes

This Saturday night during the 'Retro-Saturday' programs,  Wrco's Those Were The Days radio show will play a few hits with sole!  There have been many songs about shoes over the years and we will spotlight some of those including:  Blue Suede Shoes-Carl Perkins,  Boogie Shoes-KC and the Sunshine Band,  Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces-Dodie Stevens,  High Heel Sneakers-Tommy Tucker,  Betty Lou Got a New Pair Of Shoes-Bobby Freeman,  Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes-Chuck Willis,  Head Over Heals-Go-Go's,  These Shoes-Eagles, Dancin' Shoes-Nigel Olsson, Footloose-Kenny Loggins, and many more.   If you can think of shoe songs, give me a call Saturday night.  I will be accepting requests for any of the fifties through eighties music that we play on Those Were the Days between six and midnight.  Put on your hush puppies, Buster Brown's,  Pro Keds,  penny loafers,  saddle shoes,  Converse,  wing tips,  platforms, or your jelly shoes.  Get ready to dance the night away.

We had a great time last week with our 'One Hit Wonder' show.    A lot of credit goes to the requesters who came up with one hit wonder songs that I had not even thought of.  That is what this show is all about.  We can learn from each other and bring back many memories.  There will be a chance each of the six hours to win prizes and have bragging rights over your family and friends.  Please join the party Saturday night.  I would love to hear from you.


The Fall of 1983
One Hit Wonder Day!

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Guest - Ryan Butler on Wednesday, September 29 2021 11:16
One Hit Wonders

I loved the one hit wonders. There were many that I have not heard in some time. I would like to hear another night of those.

I loved the one hit wonders. There were many that I have not heard in some time. I would like to hear another night of those.
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Monday, January 24 2022

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