I will be in the studio to answer the hot line during Those Were The Days on Saturday night.  Our FM 100.9 radio show is now in its 34th year of playing rock and roll music for Southwest Wisconsin.  My special guest this week will be John Payne who is the bass player and vocalist for the group Asia.  Even though he is not an original member, he has great stories about the group and its biggest hits.  We were also fortunate to interview John Wetton, the original Asia front man, some years ago on Those Were The Days. He passed away in 2017 and left a great legacy of music. The  Asia  debut album was released in 1982.  I wasn't impressed the first time I heard it.  All four members had been in other successful groups and expectations were high.  The songs grew on me as I heard them everyday for the rest of '82.  Heat Of The Moment is one of the best 'moment in time' songs of the early 80's.  When I hear it today, my mind takes me back to playing Donkey Kong, writing letters to my girl friend, cruising Wausau with the windows down, and living on my own for the first time.  It is amazing that a song can bring back so many memories.  That is what Those Were The Days strives to do each week.  Give me a call with your memories and favorite songs during our six hour Those Were The Days radio show Saturday night.  I am patiently waiting for Saturday night!