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November 1986 Hot Hits

This Saturday night on Those Were the Days radio show, you will be able to hear the sounds of 1986.  Thirty-five years have passed since I was the night time jock on WRCO and we were playing Top Forty hits.  A box of 45's was in the main broadcast studio.  Most of the music that was played was still on vinyl.  Each week we would countdown the top songs of the week.  This was fun until some of the employees and family members of employees borrowed the records to record their own mix tapes (I am not making this up!)  It was awkward to have to jump over songs in the countdown.  That was small town radio at its smallest.  Since I was already a mobile d.j, and was buying most of the hits, I began bringing records with me each night so noone could borrow them!  It was a good time for radio hits.  Boston had returned with a 3rd album (called Third Stage) and a big radio hit called Amanda. Some of my other faves from this week in '86 include:  Take Me Home Tonight-Eddie Money/Ronnie Spector,  Emotion in Motion-Ric Ocasek,  Don't Get Me Wrong-Pretenders,  C'est La Vie-Robbie Nevil,  Land Of Confusion-Genesis,  Welcome To the Boomtown-Davd & David,  Somebody's Out There-Triumph,  and the The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades-Timbuk 3.   It is hard to believe but I was playing those songs when they were new, and now I am playing them as oldies.   How can that be?

You can request anything that hit the charts between the fifties through the eighties during Saturday nights' Those Were the Days on WRCO FM 100.9 and  Take the trivia challenges and maybe you can be the one that wins a prize.   We will try to take you away to your happy place.   Good luck to all of you that will be heading to the woods this weekend.   Be very careful and we will see who has the biggest deer hunting story Saturday night.


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