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New Years Night With The Cowsills

This weekend we will welcome in 2022.  The year of 2021 was an amazing time for our show.  With our audio stream reaching a worldwide audience, new friends were made every Saturday night.  Those Were The Days will celebrate the past years and look ahead at the possibilites of great things in the new year.  Saturday night I will be in the studio to take your requests and we will have fun with our trivia games.  My guest will be first time caller Susan Cowsill.  I have always wanted to have her join the show and so this is a wonderful way to start the new year of Those Were The Days shows.

The Cowsills hailed from Newport, Rhode Island.  Susan joined her five brothers and mom in the family group that inspired the storyline of the tv show The Partridge Family.  She was just 8 years old when she became a member following their big 1967 hit The Rain, The Park & Other Things (also known as the Flower Girl).  Her young voice can be heard shouting out "and spaghetti" in the groups big 1969 hit Hair.  Their other hits include: Indian Lake,  We Can Fly,  Poor Baby, and they sang the season one theme song to the ABC television show Love American Style.  Susan and I will discuss our favorite Friday night shows and the fact that her early years can be watched on Youtube.  Clips of her dancing with Buddy Ebsen or with Dean Martin are very cool to see. Hear about those iconic moments first hand during Saturday nights Those Were The Days radio show on WRCO FM 100.9 and dot com.

Make sure to check out during 2022 nearly every Saturday Kent Kotal will be running clips from our show.  Saturday will kick off with highlights of one of our past interviews with Burton Cummings of the Guess Who.  Check that out and don't forget to join us on the radio new years night.


Happy Birthday Elvis!
Merry Christmas!


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Monday, January 24 2022

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