There have been many songs with telephone themes.  Saturday night during Those Were The Days on FM 100.9 and, I will be spinning a few of them.  The rotary dial phone was my social network when I was growing up.  We had one in the house on the desk in the family room.  There was no privacy if you wanted to try and call for a date.  Later we had one installed in the barn.  That made it easier to make private calls to girl friends!  When I got turned down,  I was only humilated in front of the cows.  Back in the party line days, you had to fight for phone time.  There was a time when we had at least 6 families on the same circuit.   Everyone could hear your conversations if they quietly picked up the receiver.   The neighbor girl had to call her friend just after getting off the bus,  my mom needed to call my uncle and get the latest family news,  the farmer down the road had to call the vet.,  two other ladies needed to talk about their favorite soap opera.  It is hard to remember those days today when everyone walks around with a phone in their pocket.  My mom and dad spent the money and got us our own line as soon as it was possible.  My wife, June, had a party line up until the mid '80's.  That is the last one that I remember.

Join me for music, trivia, requests, and fun this Saturday during Those Were the Days.  Perhaps you can remember a song that is centered around the phone such as; 867-5309 (Jenny),  Sylvia's Mother,  Operator,  Memphis,  Chantilly Lace,  Telephone Line,  Call Me,  Beechwood 4-5789, or I Just Called To Say I Love You. 

You can still call and talk to a real person on Saturday nights when we take requests.  WRCOs' Those Were The Days is a retro show, and we like it that way.