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Making Hay-1972

This Saturday night during our Those Were The Days radio program on WRCO FM 100.9, we will feature another of my favorite music Summers.  Thanks to and Kent Kotal, we will recall some of the hottest hits in the midwest during the Summer of 1972.  When I hear a song that was popular during the Summer months, I am right there helping to bale hay, swimming in the Willow creek, and listening to the radio.  My dad would mow hay for the first time in late June and we would be on the job until snow was falling!  We baled every blade of grass and corn stalk that grew on the farm.  We shared a haybine with our neighbor Carl Lord and we helped each other put up the hay crop on both sides of the road.  That meant that there was never a down time unless the John Deere baler broke and someone had to go for parts.  Once in a while it rained and I could go to town and buy a 45 r.p.m. record. In between first and second crop, I got to go stay with my uncle and aunt in Boaz.  People don't believe me when I tell them that I got to vacation in Boaz.  Some of the hot hits on the Phil Nee want list that Summer were the following:  Nice To Be With You-Gallery,  Take It Easy-Eagles,  Brandy (You're A Fine Girl),  Sylvia's Mother-Dr. Hook,  Rocket Man-Elton John,  and Schools Out-Alice Cooper.  Riding with cousin Joyce in her 1971 Mercury Comet made me feel like a big shot.  The windows were down and the AM radio was playing all of the top hits of 1972.  After a couple of days at the vacation spot in Boaz, it was back to round two of they hay making party.  When I play some of those '72 classics during this Saturday nights Those Were The Days, I will be right back there on the flat rack helping my day stack the wagon.  I will be in the studio this Saturday night to take your requests and memories between six and Midnight.


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Saturday, 20 July 2019

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