This Saturday night during Those Were The Days we will take a trip back to 1978.  A look at the music chart from forty years ago and your rock and roll requests will be featured on our six hour retro show called Those Were The Days.  In 1978 I was just starting to take mental notes about the young ladies at my school.  They were some of my good friends.  In fact, they would tell me so each time I suggested that 'we go together'!    This was usually followed by "You are so funny Phil. Would you go find out if Paul likes me, likes me"?    I was usually the go between friend that would find out the inside information on the love interests of Ithaca.  I knew all of the cool hits as most of my spare and work time at home involved the radio playing in the background.  This week in 1978 there were many great jams including: We Are The Champions-Queen,  Peg-Steely Dan,  What's Your Name?-Lynyrd Skynyrd, Long, Long Way From Home-Foreigner,  Thunder Island-Jay Ferguson, Name Of The Game-ABBA, and Breakdown-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  Those were some good songs to put on a mix tape for a young lady that really liked Paul!  Perhaps when Paul told her that he liked Tami, she would listen to her tape and realize what a great guy old Phil Nee was.  I knew that I was not going to win her over with my looks or athletic ability.  It had to be my wit and my music collection.  Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9 will hit the airwaves with hits this Saturday night between six and Midnight on WRCO FM 100.9.