This week on Those Were The Days, I will be pulling a few hits from the first part of 1976.  There were a bunch of great tunes forty-five years ago.  Despite what is often written about that era, it was not all disco dominated.  Sure, some of the polyester songs were played under the lighted ball in the middle of the dance floor, but there were some good pop and rock songs that made the music charts.  Some of my favorite mix tape worthy tunes in early '76 include:  Evil Woman-Electric Light Orchestra,  Fox On The Run-Sweet,  Golden Years-David Bowie,  Slow Ride-Foghat,  Winners and Losers-Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds,  Squeeze Box-the Who, Rock and Roll All Night (Live Version)-Kiss, and Dream Weaver-Gary Wright.  There were plenty of dance classics such as: Love Rollercoaster-Ohio Players,  You Sexy Thing-Hot Chocolate, and Love Machine-Miracles.  These radio classics remind me of folks making plans for the bicentenial in 1976.  People were painting fire plugs and mailboxes red, white, and blue.  I was hoarding the special quarters that were released in 1975 and 1976.  I am sure I eventually gave them up one by one in the candy machines and jukeboxes.  I could buy a bottle of Ski or Double Cola for a quarter from the machine outside of Gus' Service Station and get ten cents change! 

It will be a full night of Those Were The Days tunes on WRCO FM 100.9 and dot com from six until midnight.  You can call me on my party line and add to our fifties through the eighties playlist.  We had a great time last week.  There were a few first time listeners and callers!  That is so very cool to still be saying that after all of these years.  We had some first time trivia prize winners.  I hope you will tune in for some or all of the show. We will have the light on for you at WRCO.