Ever since I began collecting records close to fifty years ago, I have been a big fan of the artists from the original British Invasion.  My top five favorites are The Beatles,The Rolling Stones,  Searchers,  Hollies, and Herman's Hermits.  Formed in Manchester England in 1964, by that years end the group had its first hit with "I'm Into Something Good".  Peter Noone and the boys appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show,  The Dean Martin Show,  The Jackie Gleason Show, and many other shows.  They were on the radio nearly non-stop from late 1964 until 1967.  Many of their two and one half minute records were appreciated by teens and adults.  This week on Those Were The Days,  I will feature a few favorites from Herman's Hermits and your rock and roll requests from the fifites through the eighties.  Hear highlights from an interview I did with Peter Noone and play along with our on air trivia games.  Thank you for all of the good feedback about the show.  It has been a pleasure to host and play my record collection faves since 1986.  WRCO FM 100.9 is the place where all of the cool kids hang out on Saturday night.  The party will start at 6:00 and end at Midnight which is curfew time!