This week I interviewed singer/songwriter Andy Kim.  When I mentioned to someone that I was talking with Andy, they said "I thought he was dead".  They, like many over the years, are not sure who he is and some think Andy Gibb and Andy Kim were the same person. With all of his success, it is ironic that he remains all but nameless and faceless today.  Most people know Andy Kim's music.  He recorded twelve songs that made the Top 100 including:  How'd We Ever Get This Way,  Baby, I Love You,  Be My Baby and a 1974 number one song called Rock Me Gently.  His most famous song came as a co-writer with Jeff Barry.  The two wrote Sugar, Sugar which went to number one for the cartoon group the Archies in 1969.  Andy Kim is a great guy that I have gotten to know through the years and he has some cool stories.  Saturday night hear how John Lennon presented Andy with a gold record for the record Rock Me Gently.  One of the most rewarding things about this program is that I have had the chance to talk with many artists that I grew up hearing on the radio.  Andy Kim is one of those musicians.  I will be in the studio to take your requests from the fifites throught the eighties.  Perhaps you will be the winner of our always tough trivia games.  Those Were The Days can be heard on WRCO FM 100.9 between six and Midnight each Saturday night.