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1973 Reunion

This week on WRCOs' Those Were the Days radio show, I will be pulling tunes from this week's Billboard chart from 1973.  I was just a 'wee Nee' than, but I knew Top 40 music.  The teachers were trying to teach me the basics, and I was not a stellar student.  I may not...

Hey Bus Driver! Turn Up the 1970 Hits.

The school year of 1970-71 was well underway.  The newness of my stylish flair leg jeans for husky boys was starting to wear off.  By mid to late September, I could now bend my legs as fabric had now loosened up a bit. I would board the bus in my driveway and then...

A Fall of 1979 Record Hop

In my sophomore season with the mighty Bulldog football team, my main focus was the dance after the game.  I normally played a few minutes that season when the game was decided.  That was very often as we normally were down by multiple touchdowns.  The WIAA currently...

Hope To See You @ the Drive Inn

Those Were the Days on WRCO is fast approaching its 37th anniversary (this October).   We have done many fun shows through the years, however, we have never broadcast a live show from the Starlite 14 Drive Inn.  The gang at the theater makes sure to play WRCO FM 100.9...

Bobby Night on TWTD

This Saturday night during our Those Were the Days radio show, we will play tribute to the Bobs.  There have been a whole bunch of Roberts, Bobs, and Bobby's, that have had hit songs.  Some of our favorites include:  Bobby Vee, Bobby Vinton,  Bobby Rydell,  Bobby...

No Show This Week-Big Things Coming Soon

This week the Packers play the Patriots in a preseason NFL game which can be heard on WRCO.  The pregame time is at 5:00 pm.  That means that Those Were the Days will not be heard this week.  I hope you will join us for a live show on August 26th.  We have fun stuff...

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