Richland Center Curb and Parking Painting

The Richland Center Street Department will be repainting curbs, parking spaces and crosswalks throughout the summer. At times, portions of streets will be blocked off while the paint is drying. While most of the marked parking is in the downtown area, the curbs and crosswalks are throughout the city. Everyone is asked to use caution and be patient.


Wednesday Game Day: June 19th

The name of the game this week was "Suspend." Phil and Ron showed off their best balancing skills for this week's Wednesday Game Day.



Tuesday Quiz Day: June 18th

This week Ron quizzed Phil on strawberries. See if Phil tasted sweet success or sour grapes after this week's Tuesday Quiz Day.


Tuesday Quiz Day: June 11th

With the rodeo coming to town this weekend it was time for Ron to test Phil's knowledge on horses. See how well Phil did during this week's Tuesday Quiz Day.


Richland Center Health Care Forum

A Health Care Forum will be held locally this month in Richland Center. Information about affordable health care options will be provided at the forum coming up Sunday, June 23, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, at the Richland Hospital, lower level, Pippin Room #1. A focus of the forum will be ways for people currently without health insurance or with limited resources to obtain needed health care.

Wednesday Game Day: June 5th

This week's Wednesday Game Day was over in a flash! Phil and Ron played a game of "Flash" during today's get together.


Wednesday Game Day: May 29th

This week's Wednesday Game Day was a fast one. You won't want to blink or you might miss it! The name of the game this week was "Blink."


Your Wisconsin Woods 2019

If you're a land owner, your forest is an endless bounty of resources. From hiking to hunting, foraging for natural foods and even an opportunity to educate yourself and your children. Your forest can give back to you. But its up to you to manage it sustainably for today and tomorrow. Invite your local forester out for a property visit. Its easy and free. Just visit mywisconsinwoods.org today and get started on getting what you want out of your woods.


Wednesday Game Day: May 22nd

This week's Wednesday Game Day has Phil and Ron competing in a friendly game of "Skatter."


Richland Center Aquatic Center Groundbreaking

Although it was a bit chilly and cloudy on Friday, May 17th , it was warmly welcomed by those in attendance for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Richland Center Aquatic Center at Krouskop Park. The ceremony was the culmination for many who have served on the Richland Center City Council as well as the Park Board.

The endeavor has not only taken the work of city officials and workers, but residents of Richland Center. The wall of the lobby in the new aquatic center will feature plaques for donors in honor of and in memory of. The job to build the aquatic center has been contracted to Brickl Brothers of West Salem. Work on the aquatic center in Krouskop Park in Richland Center will begin next week.