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  • 1985 Slow Pitch Tunes


    In 1985 I was wearing barn boots during the day and at night I was the fearless disc jockey for all of your party needs. Another hobby was playing slow pitch softball. Ithaca had a Wednesday night league and Hillpoint played on Thursdays. The weekends would often feature tournaments that were money makers for small […]

  • 1968 Dandelions


    The year of 1968 was an amazing time for rock and roll and Top Forty music. It was an incredible year for movies and television, but at the same time a turbulent year. Vietnam, the violence at the Democratic Convention, and the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert Kennedy rocked the headlines. […]

  • Best Concert Ever?


    This Saturday night on Those Were the Days, I will be asking the poll question…Can you recall the best rock and roll concert that you have ever attended? This idea was submitted to me by one of our loyal listeners. Hopefully this will jog memories of a music event that moved you or changed your […]

  • 1970 On the Willow Creek


    In the spring of 1970, things were green and growing on the old Willow Valley farm. Dad was busy planting corn with the Farmall Super C and its two-row mounted corn planter. Baby chickens and ducks, calves, and piglets were all coming into the world. It was a great place to grow up. Our dad […]

  • Groups By the Numbers


    During the history of rock and roll there have been many groups with numbers in their name. Since I have hosted my Those Were the Days radio show which began in 1986, it is difficult to feature a theme that we have never used. I had a light bulb moment this week when I began […]

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