This Saturday night on Those Were The Days from WRCO FM 100.9, I will be looking back to 1964.  The Beatles were taking the country by storm after a February 9th appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. The 'Fab Four' were at number one with I Want To Hold Your Hand.  The rest of the chart featured many American artists. Some of my favorite songs from February of '64 include:  You Don't Own Me-Lesley Gore, Hey Little Cobra-Rip Chords,  Um, Um, Um, Um,Um, Um-Major Lance,  For You-Rick Nelson,  Forget Him-Bobby Rydell,  and Popsicles and Icicles-Mermaids.  I hope you will join me as we go back to those black and white nights and the days when rock and roll was still innocent.

You can request anything you like from our box of pop memories of the fifties through the eighties during this Saturday nights six hour show.  It is great to hear your stories that go along with your requests.  I have a massive amount of discs, vinyl, and digital music and every week someone pulls out a request that I am not that familiar with!  Folks say that they enjoy our trivia games.  Last week we had two winners that were listening long distance on this website.  We are now sending prizes around Wisconsin and other states. It is amazing to know that people think enough of the music, and they choose to tune in.  We have many great ideas for special shows in 2021.  I hope you will join us when you can.  You can stay up to date about Those Were The Days right here!  Those Were The Days can be heard on Saturday nights from six until midnight.