The music of the Monkees still plays on the radio, television, and movies after all of these years.  On September 12th it will be exactly fifty years since the first episode of the Monkees played on network television!  Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9 Saturday night will highlight some of the  pre-fab fours best music.  They had many great writers working for Don Kirshner and the group.  That translated into great radio hits and album cuts.  When Those Were The Days debuted on WRCO in the Fall of 1986, the Monkees were a hot act again because of MTV playing the show on a regular basis.  It put them back on the charts with the song 'That Was Than, This Is Now'. We would get many Monkees requests each Saturday night back than from younger listeners.  I will spin some of my favorite Monkees cuts this weekend and you can check in with your requests for any group or artist that you would like to hear from the fifties through the eighties.  Thanks for listening all of these years!