The Summer of 1977 was a good time for pop music.  That era gets overlooked because of disco and soft love ballads.  In between those songs were some instant classics including:  Dreams-Fleetwood Mac,  Life In The Fast Lane-Eagles,  Couldn't Get It Right-Climax Blues Band,  Jet Airliner-Steve Miller Band, and Sir Duke-Stevie Wonder.

In the good old Summer time of 1977  I was unloading hay making a quarter a load and counting my money until I could buy the new Foreigner album.  My mother often told me to stop spending money on those records. "They wont mean anything to you in a year or two"!  While mom was right about most things including asparagus, she was wrong about my love of vinyl.  I still buy it and play it today.  Some of those old records have been converted to digital and they still get a spin during our Saturday night radio show.  Join me for Those Were The Days this Saturday night.  I will be digging up the hits from the fifties through the eighties between 6 pm and Midnight.  Please join the party and request a song or play along with the six trivia questions during the six hour show on FM 100.9.