This week on Those Were The Days, I will be pulling out some records from the summer of 1975.  There were many good sounding hits that came through my Panasonic portable radio that year.  When I hear these songs now, my mind takes me back to hot days in the hay field,  baling straw,  riding with my dad in the old farm truck,  my mom buying me new school pants, and black cherry double stick popsicles under the shade tree. 

Some of the hot hits this weekend in '75 included: One Of These Nights-Eagles,  Listen To What The Man Said-Paul McCartney,  Ballroom Blitz-Sweet,  Hey You-B.T.O.,  Magic-Pilot,  Feel Like Makin Love-Bad Company,  Saturday Night Special-Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tush-ZZ Top  and Why Can't We Be Friends-War. 

I will be in the studio to take your phone calls and messages Saturday night.  It is very rewarding to hear from folks from all around this part of Wisconsin and througout the nation.  We salute our on line listeners from the Milwaukee area that often check in. This Saturday night  Those Were The Days will not be going head to head with the Bucks (as we were last weekend) and they will hear us again! How about those Bucks??  Between and six and midnight we will feature the best of the fifties through the eighties, trivia, summer of '75 hits, and all sorts of vintage fun Saturday night.