The power of music is amazing.  When I hear songs such as Come And Get Your Love by Redbone,  The Locomotion by Grand Funk, Blue Suede's  Hooked On A Feeling, or Oh My My by Ringo Starr, I am transported back to the Spring of 1974.  I can smell the dirt from the freshly plowed fields and feel the warm Spring breeze while riding my Hiawatha three speed bike (that included an AM radio on the handle bar).  With my 'high water flare leg jeans',  and my red with blue striped rugby shirt, I thought I was rocking the halls of Ithaca elementary.  The songs that Spring were so good, that it was tough to wait for the Watergate news to end so that another hit could spin!  This Saturday night I will again be going back to my childhood when I spin some of those hits on WRCO FM 100.9.  We have a radio party each week during our six hour Those Were The Days show.  We play a variety of hits and have fun with trivia games.   Perhaps we can hang out this weekend?  The party is on WRCO (where all the cool kids get together) between 6 pm and Midnight.