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Seventies & Eighties Mix Tape Starters!

Back in the day, I was the mix tape king.   My parents bought me a Panasonic AM/FM, record player, cassette, for Christmas in 1976.  By January of 1977 I was making some awesome tapes.   I started making tapes for myself, later I would make them for friends, and much later they were love letters for ladies that I was trying to court.   I would intro songs and say foolish things.  These tapes were very much like an early Those Were The Days!  The most important songs on the mix tapes were the very first song and the last song on side two.  If you had a cassette player with an auto reverse feature, you could play the first song and than change to the other side and hear the last song of the tape.  This week on Those Were The Days we will feature some of our favorite tape starters.  If you have memories of favorite home made tapes or ideas of songs that would be great starters,  give me a call at WRCO FM 100.9 this Saturday night.  The two Guardians Of the Galaxy movies center around old mix tapes that the hero hears in his Walkman while battling bad characters in space. 

We will be taking requests all night and will be playing trivia this Saturday night. The last two weeks have featured football conflicts.  Even though we still had a good amount of requests,  our audience was divided when the Packers and the Badgers played the last 2 Saturday nights.  One listener won trivia this past Saturday night and had two radios going.  He was hearing the Badgers and Those Were The Days at the same time.  That is awesome dedication to radio listening!  If you get a chance to check in Saturday night,  that would be great.     Maybe I will break out a mix tape that I made for my girl friend (now my wife) back in '84.


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