This week I will be reaching into the archive of cassette and reel to reel tapes and playing back segments of some of my favorite celebrity phone guests from thirty years of Those Were The Days.  My first interview guest was way back in 1987 when Nigel Olsson (Elton John's drummer) joined me by telephone.  Bobby Vinton and Tommy James were also big name guests during those early days. Dick Clark, Nancy Sinatra, Steve Allen, Hal Lindon, Tony Orlando, and a cast of hundreds have graced our airwaves since 1986. This week I will flash back to a few of my favorites.  I will also choose my favorite of all time!  In addition to the special guests, I will feature a few of my faves from the Fall of 1979.  It was a great time for music as number fifty, Phil Nee, was a mighty center and nose guard for the Ithaca Bulldogs.  You will hear some awesome music and fun if you choose to turn on FM 100.9 on Saturday night.  I will not be in the studio to take your requests this time.  Join me for an open line again on Saturday night September 24th.