When I was young,  it was fascinating to read about the Apollo missions.  The school 'Weekly Reader'  often had stories of the upcoming moon missions.  I do remember the glow of the Curtis Matthis television set on July 20th, 1969.  My parents and other family members were glued to the screen while I was playing with my Tinker Toys trying to build a rocket.  Sometime during the night, I wandered onto the screen porch and looked up at the moon to see if I could see Neil and Buzz.  Do you remember watching or listening to this historic event?   You can share your memories with me during our Those Were The Days radio show Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9.  We will countdown to the exact moment (9:56 pm CDT) when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface fifty years ago.  During the six hour tribute to the fifties through the eighties, we will be playing a few space/moon songs including:  Space Oddity-David Bowie,  Rocket Man-Elton John,  Dancing In The Moonlight-King Harvest,  Moonshadow-Cat Stevens,  Bad Moon Rising-C.C.R,  Space Age Love Song-Flock Of Seagulls,  and Major Tom-Peter Schilling.  Perhaps you have an idea for a song to go along with this weeks theme?  I will be in the studio Saturday night and you can check in with me.  It might be your night to win a big trivia prize like tickets to 80s' In The Dells at the Crystal Grand Music Theater.