The Blues Brothers movie was released forty years ago this Summer.  My buddies and me could not wait for it to make its way to Richland Center.  After seeing it at the indoor and later the outdoor theater, we had many of the lines memorized.  We were all Saturday Night Live fans and grew up watching Dan Akroyd and John Belushi each week.  I was familiar with their version of 'Soul Man' when it was released to radio in 1978.  Someone brought their album Briefcase Full Of Blues to the band room at Ithaca High School and we used to listen to that whenever we could. It was so good.  The Blues Brothers introduced us to so many songs that we may never have been aware of. I had never heard of Cab Calloway until the Blues Brothers movie.  The movie music was the soundtrack to my Summer of 1980.  Us fellows would often attempt to dress up like the Blues Brothers. We did not have Donald 'Duck' Dunn or Steve Cropper to back us up, so some guys had to play their combs.  If you put a piece of paper over your comb and hummed, you could almost sound like you were playing a harmonica.  Some of the young ladies in our class were actually impressed for a few minutes.

We will be remembering the Blues Brothers during Those Were The Days on FM 100.9 Saturday night.  There will also be a special spotlight on the movie American Graffitti which was released August first of 1973.  When I saw Wolfman Jack on the big screen, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  Perhaps you will suggest a song during our six hour music celebration on Saturday night.  The best of the fifties through the eighties will be back in the spotlight.  You will also have a chance to win a prize if you can be the first to answer during trivia time.  Let's have a rock and roll party on Saturday night.