During Saturday nights Those Were the Days radio show, I will stop for a while and check out some of the best records from 1977.  It was a fun time in my life.  We worked hard on the farm but we also had fun.  I was mediocre on my good nights while playing for the Ithaca Happy Hour 4-H softball team.  Several of my teamates have been life long friends.  I don't remember how we did that year, but I do remember the end of the year family get together which was August 16th.  It was the day we learned that Elvis had died and the shocking news was discussed. Some of our mothers had tears in their eyes as they talked about seeing him for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show a little over twenty years earlier.  

The Summer of 1977 had good moments on the radio.  Some of my favorite hits were playing in my head as opposing 4-H sluggers were having hits over my head in the outfield.  Tunes that I remember fondly include: Peace Of Mind-Boston,  Lido Shuffle-Boz Scaggs,  Couldn't Get It Right-Climax Blues Band,  Barracuda-Heart,  Feels Like the First Time-Foreigner,  Knowing Me, Knowing You-Abba,  Jet Airliner-Steve Miller Band,  Dreams-Fleetwood Mac,  and Heard It In A Love Song-Marshall Tucker Band.  Saturday night on Those Were the Days, I will be spinning from the forty-five Top 45's that were being played on MusicRadio 89 WLS in Chicago.  Even though I was starting to listen to Fm stations with clearer signals,  I still tuned over to the Am band especially late at night in 1977.

WRCO Fm 100.9 and wrco.com will be the place for music and fun from six until midnight Saturday night.  We will feature trivia games that the entire family can play.  You could be the winner of an awesome prize from our Those Were the Days sponsors.  We have been here since 1986 and I know many of you have as well.  Thank you very much for your loyalty.