Saturday night on WRCO I will be spinning more of the greatest vinyl hits of all time during Those Were The Days.  Our chart will come from the third week of July in 1981.  It was the Summer before my Senior year of high school and I consider it one of the great times of my life.  There was hay to make, softball to play,  friends to socialize with,  black cap pie to eat, and great tunes on the radio.  There were trips to Dog n' Suds, and Richland Center area stores in hopes of getting a date with the young ladies that worked there.  I am sure they were impressed with a 'high water' pants farm boy!  Some of the tunes that I was cranking in the '75 Ford Maverick included:  This Little Girl-Gary U.S. Bonds,  The Stroke-Billy Squier,  Don't Let Him Go-REO Speedwagon,  Urgent-Foreigner,  Tom Sawyer-Rush,  and Fire and Ice-Pat Benatar.  One of the best songs of the year was The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em) by the Greg Kihn Band.  We blasted that tune every time it came on the radio.  Music has the power to transport you back to a time and place. When I hear some of the songs from that time, I am transported back to pulling loads of hay with the farm truck while the sweet Top 40 sounds crackled out of the AM radio speaker.  My dad was never pleased when I would not jump out of the truck right away so that I could hear the conclusion of a song! 

Those Were the Days will be here for you on Saturday night with the best of the fifties through the eighties on FM 100.9 and  The magic cow bell will ring before of our trivia questions and I guarantee that we will have some fun.  It is thrilling to know that people are listening outside of Wisconsin and it is rewarding to know that they are listening at the Starlite 14 Drive-In or at a milking barn in Hillsboro. Give me a call or send us a message Saturday night between six and midnight.