In early 1972 I got serious about collecting records.  I was aware of lots of songs before that, however, I can point to Valentines Day 1972 as the moment my love of music really blew up.  My dad was a music collector back in the forties.  He decided to possibly pass this hobby on to his kids when he brought home some 45's on Valentines Day along with a chart that listed the top songs.  I started listening to the radio even closer so that I could keep track of the songs that were on that chart.  Every week I would go back to Saffell's in Richland Center to pick up another chart. When I saved up seventy cents, I could buy another record! I am still doing that today although it takes a bit more money to buy a new piece of vinyl.  The Billboard Top Ten this week in 1972 was a great slice of popular culture............

1.  Let's Stay Together-Al Green  2.  American Pie-Don McClean  3.  Without You-Nilsson  4.  Precious & Few-Climax  5.  Never Been To Spain-Three Dog Night  6.  Hurting Each Other-Carpenters  7. Down By The Lazy River-Osmonds  8.  Joy-Apollo 100  9.  Brand New Key-Melanie  10.  Day After Day-Badfinger

I will be on the air this Saturday night on FM 100.9 and some of my faves from early '72 will hit the airwaves.  I will be in the studio when the WRCO pedal helicopter gets back from sports coverage on Saturday.  I will write a few trivia questions that we can have fun with.   Saturday night listen for Those Were The Days featuring the greatest tunes from the fifties through the eighties