This Saturday night during Those Were The Days, I will be drifting in my mind back to the Fall of 1982.  When I spin songs from Asia, A Flock Of Seagulls, and John Mellencamp, I will be right back in Wausau Wisconsin at Trans American School Of Broadcasting.  That was a fun time in my life.  Fresh off the farm, Marty and I rented an upstairs apartment and later were joined by Kevin.  There we watched a new channel called MTV twenty-four hours a day.  We combined each others music collections and made the most awesome mix tapes.  In our spare time we attended morning classes at the broadcast school and attempted to learn the radio trade.  We had a good group of classmates including Bill Scott whom we hear courtesy of Wisconsin Radio Network on WRCO here in Richland Center.  We someday should write a book or write a script about some of the things that happened that year.   Some of which cannot be mentioned in this column or on WRCO FM 100.9.  The Milwaukee Brewers made it to the World Series that Fall and the music on the radio was solid for the entire year.  I remember a trip to a Brewer game with my broadcast school buddies.  One member of our group always wanted to do play by play of every event for practice.  He took his cassette tape recorder to the Brewer game to work on calling a baseball game.  Around the third inning he decided to go for a cold one and gave the recorder to me.  He told me to fill in for him while he was gone.  Soon after that a drunk guy turned around and said "Hey, shut up!"  and tore up the score sheet.  I broke a cardinal sin of live microphones and swore at him.  This was all caught on tape.  We had a good laugh listening to that on the way home.  I hope you will join me for Those Were The Days this Saturday night between six and midnight.  I will be spinning some of the best from the Fall of '82 and your rock and roll requests from the first thirty-five years of rock and roll.  Trivia returns this week and you can try to win and amaze your friends!  Perhaps we can hook up for more memories Saturday night?

Phil-Trans American School Of Broadcasting class of 1983