When school would get out in May,  I would get off the bus and get on the Farmall Super C tractor and cultivate corn for the next month.  It was a way for my parents to give me something to occupy my time and perhaps it was punishment for phone calls they received during the school year from Mr. Modjeski.  There were only a couple of bright points of this long and boring job.  Once in a while when I was at the end of the row near Highway B, a cute girl from my school would go by.  I was motivated when I thought about her being impressed by that hard working Phil Nee on his 23 horsepower tractor.  The other bright part of riding the tractor all day, while turtles from Willow creek got to the end of the row before you did, was trying to listen to the radio.  My Panasonic AM radio came with a white ear plug.  You could hear the radio only if you cranked the volume and you held your hand over your other ear.  This made it even harder to stay in the corn rows.  The Super C motor also caused static over my favorite songs.  This week in 1978 I was struggling to hear songs such as:  Baby Hold On-Eddie Money,  Werewolves Of London-Warren Zevon,  Because The Night-Patti Smith Group,  Sweet Talking Woman-Electric Light Orchestra,  Still The Same-Bob Seger,  Only The Good Die Young-Billy Joel,  and Shadow Dancing-Andy Gibb.   Forty years later I can hear the songs better with my radio/hearing protector headphones.  I still do drive a Farmall Super C when I am mowing the grass.  Even after 40 years, the ladies going by on the highway are still not impressed.    This week on Those Were The Days from WRCO FM 100.9, I will be taking those old records off the shelf.  Give me a call this holiday weekend while you are doing fun stuff.  I will be in the studio between six and Midnight Saturday night.   You could be one of our six big winners from the trivia challenges. 

Philip  (corn cultivator boy of the year 1978)