When I think of Top Forty music from the early 1970's,  it takes me back to K-tel records. These were greatest hits albums very much like the more recent  Now That's What I Call Music series of current hits collections. K-tel records were advertised an incredible amount on t.v. and available at a few participating stores.  There was no chance for a boy with a rural Richland Center address to get one of those albums.  Almost all the retail places were in the Madison, Wisconisn area such as;  Rennebohm and Rexall Drug Stores, Robert Hall, Wolff- Kubley,  Galaxy Of Sound, and Copps Department Stores.  Fortunately I had first cousins that lived in Madison about two blocks from a Copps store.   It was the greatest day of my life (up to that point) when I got to visit the city of Madison and have a fifteen cent McDonalds cheeseburger, visit the cousins, and buy my first K-tel record album!  It was called Believe In Music and it contained 22 original hits and original stars.  It included the title of the album which was recorded by the group Gallery. Most of the songs were short edits so that they could get that many songs on one album.    If I want to go to my happy place,  I can still put this record on and instantly I am back in the Spring and Summer of 1972. A few years ago,  I made my own copy for a burned cd and used the full length versions of the songs.   This week on my radio show (Those Were The Days),  I will be taking a trip to the Spring of 1972. Our featured group will be Gallery (one of the most played groups of 1972).   WRCO FM 100.9 will be the spot for more music medicine from the fifties through the 1980s.  You can contribute a request and you are wecome to be a part of the trivia contests.  This will be our first show in the month of May and the forecast is favorable for a night to sit under the stars and listen to WRCO FM 100.9 between six and Midnight for Those Were The Days.

Phil-'Connoisseur Of K-tel'