Making a Difference

Making a Difference is Back!

It's time again to recognize those in our community who are truly making a difference! Richland Rejuvenates is partnering with UW-Platteville-Richland and WRCO Radio to make the program possible. You may submit a nomination using the form below. You may also mail the information to WRCO Radio, PO Box 529, Richland Center, WI 53581 or drop the information off at the WRCO Studios, 1900 Highway 14 East. Nominations are due December 30, 2021. The awards will be presented at the Making a Difference Awards Banquet in January. The awards that will be presented are Business of the Year, Outstanding Organization Award, Civic Leadership Award, Non-Profit of the Year, Best Face Forward Award, Community Stewardship Award, Emergency Responder, Educator of the Year Award and Healthcare Professional of the Year. Here are the descriptions of each award: Business of the Year is a business that made a deep impact on our community through its work, its employee impact, its volunteerism or its leadership to create growth and a true sense of community. Outstanding Organization Award is an organization, formal or informal, that made a deep impact on our community through its work, its vision, its volunteerism or its leadership to create a caring, compassionate community. Civic Leadership Award goes to an employee of the city, county, state or other governmental agency who goes above and beyond the call of duty to enhance Richland County. This could be a City, County or State employee, a member of city council or county board, school board member or school employee. There are many nonprofit organizations that make our county a better place to live and deserve recognition. Best Face Forward is presented to recognize a business or commercial property owner that has improved the appearance of a building or property in our community thus putting their “Best Face Forward”. Community Stewardship Award: The individual who is selected has truly made a difference in our community, providing inspiration and vision, by touching the lives of Richland County residents. Their impact and dedication make Richland County "the center of it all." Stewardship is an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources. The Emergency Responder Award will give special recognition to the individuals who risk their lives to save others. Nominations are encouraged in support of firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMT's and First Responders. The Educator of the Year: Nominees should have built strong and caring relationships with students while excelling and demonstrating a knowledge and passion of the subject matter showing they have taught that subject effectively to their students. This person should also understand the individual needs of students, encourage the students to use their talents and foster their self-esteem. The Healthcare Professional of the Year is an individual whose efforts have created a healthier community. All nominees for these awards come from the general public. The criteria for the nominations are as follows: The nominee must be a resident of Richland County; Businesses must be either be located in or doing business in Richland County; The following attributes are critical for the nominee: Strength of Character Leadership and Creativity Dedication to the Welfare of Others These awards may be given for work done in the previous 12 months, or for an entire body of work. Be sure to tell why you nominated this individual or business with as much detail as possible.

Personal information in the form will only be used to contact you should there be a question about your nomination. Be sure to click the "SEND" once you have completed the form. A list of previous winners is posted at the bottom of the form. (Click here for winners)

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Previous Winners:

Business of the Year Award 2012-Family Thrift Shop 2013-Ed's Family Foods 2014-Jones Chevrolet Buick 2015-WCCU Credit Union 2016-Eagle Cave 2017-Wallace Cooper & Elliott Insurance 2018-Pine River Paddle & Tube 2019-Richland County Bank 2020 Walsh’s Ace Hardware

Civic Leadership Award 2012-Karn Schauf 2013-Steve Kohlstedt 2014-Jan Neumann 2015-Dale Bender 2016-Barb Kennedy 2017-Melinda Jones 2018-Dave Fry 2019-Marilyn Rinehart 2020- Todd Coppernoll

Community Stewardship Award 2012-Larry Engel 2013-Randy Olson 2014-Richard Wastlick 2015-Keith Behling 2016-Carletta Heidi 2017-Sherry Cooper 2018-Becky Dahl 2019-Phyllis Keller 2020- Sheila Troxel

Emergency Responder Award 2012-A collective of organizations serving the county 2013-Chad Kanable (Law Enforcement), Jerry Stibbe (Firefighter), Doug & Marilyn Hill (EMT) 2014-Barbara Scott 2015-Jason Pilla 2016-Dane Kanable and K-9 Titan 2017-Glen Niemeyer 2018-Sue Pilla & Barry Roghair 2019 Judy Shireman 2020-Dan Brewer

Non-Profit of the Year 2013-Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination 2014-Neighborhood Housing Services 2015-Rotary Lights Committee 2016-Richland Community Food Pantry 2017-Southwest Partners 2018-Joan Woodman Orton McCollum Foundation 2019-AD German Warehouse Conservancy 2020-Richland County Performing Arts Council

Organization of the Year 2016-4 Seasons of Fun 2017-Richland County Ministerial Association 2018-Lone Rock American Legion Auxiliary Post 383 2019-Schmitt Woodland Hills Foundation 2020-Richland County Farm Women

Best Face Forward 2016-Quail Run Golf Links 2017-Goplin Insurance 2018-Badgerland Flooring of Southwest Wisconsin 2019-Wertz Floor & Home 2020-JJ Walsh Jewelers

Healthcare Professional of the Year 2020-Dr. Andrew Wright

Educator of the Year 2020-Pam Peterson-Kintz

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