Walk with Grace Welcome

It's time for the WRCO Walk with Grace Radio Auction!

We are pleased to be able to present the 15th annual WRCO Walk with Grace Radio Auction.  The auction will be broadcast Monday through Friday, July 22-26, between 9:00 AM and Noon. Our auction partners include contributors from a wide area who have been extremely generous. All proceeds go to Greater Richland Area Cancer Elimination.

Here are a few pointers for being a part of the auction:

Every dollar of every winning bid will go to GRACE.

The telephone number for bidding will be 608-647-2111.

Everyone needs a bidder number. Call us at 608-649-4535 to register.

You may place only one bid per item per call. You may call as many times as you like.

Charitable receipts will be issued to all buyers whose bid exceeds the stated retail value of the item being sold.

Successful bidders will be called to confirm their purchase. Winning bidder numbers will be announced on the air; names will not.

Items purchased (or certificates for items) will be available for pickup at WRCO Radio after 1:00 PM the next day.

We will accept cash and checks made payable to GRACE.

All items will sell to the highest bidder. All items sell.

Bids are not taken in advance. If you are not able to bid, please find someone to bid for you.

We reserve the right to change the auction schedule, listing, or description. Items may be added or deleted as required.

Questions about the auction or an item are welcome in advance by calling WRCO Radio.

Remember... the schedule is subject to change. Announcements made on the air take precedence over the printed schedule.