2019 Spring Election Results

Voters in the River Valley School District voted in favor of exceeding the revenue limit over the next three years to maintain current educational programs and district operations. The referendum passed by 555 votes; 2171 yes to 1616 no, or 57% in favor to 43% opposed for the River Valley referendum Tuesday, April 2nd.

Other districts passing revenue limit referendums Tuesday included Whitehall, West Salem, Tomah, Holman, DeForest, Marshall, Potosi, Rio, Sun Prairie, and Wisconsin Heights. Gale Ettrick Trempeleau, Baraboo, DeForest, and Milton passed construction projects. The Sun Prairie School District in addition to passing an exceeding revenue limits referendum, approved a 164 million dollar proposal to build a second high school with 58% of the vote.

Mineral Point Unified School District voters rejected a referendum question Tuesday for $19.5 million for a new elementary school to be built on the existing middle/high school campus. With the failed vote yesterday (Tuesday), the Mineral Point School Board has stated it will implement the successful November 2018 vote for an $11.92 million renovation and addition to the existing Mineral Point Elementary School.

In other election results from around the area: In the Town of Bloom Supervisor's race Stuart Miller and Duane Wallce were elected with 79 and 69 votes and Dave Schmitt received 52 votes. In Buena Vista Township's race for Supervisor, David Neefe and Gordon Brockway were elected with votes of 232 and 169 respectively. Also in the race, Ronald Morris received 139 votes. The race for Town Chair in Henrietta Township saw Verlin Coy defeat Lee Van Lanuyt, 104 to 83. There was also a race for Supervisor 1 in Henrietta Township where Ken Dvorak defeated Edward Berry Cooter 104 to 73. James Huffman faced a late write-in campaign by Terry Jindrick for President in the Village of Yubawhich was won by Huffman 17 to 4. The race for trustee in the Village of Yuba was won by Ronald Bladl with 19 votes and Richard Hoskins with 16 votes. Allan Stowell received 10 votes. The race for Village President in Lone Rock was won by Dan Quinn who defeated Don Brander 148 to 122. Five candidates were vying for three Village Trustee seats in Lone Rock. Corey Ewers was the top vote getter with 155, followed by Harry Pulvermacher with 151, and Mary Litviak with 135. Steve Morgenson garnered 120 votes and Carl BusJahn received 87 votes. Marshall Township supervisors, Calvin Sebranek and Steve Chupp retained their seats over challenger, Daniel Buroker with votes of 97, 92 and 71 respectively. In the race for Town Chair in Rockbridge Township, Scott Banker defeated John Barreau, 118 to 105. In Westford Township's race for Town Chair, Gary Curfman defeated Dean Benning, 120-73. In the race for Supervisor 1, John Sheahan defeated Nancy Bauer, 122-67 and in the Supervisor 2 race Cy Deitelhoff defeated Norman Klingaman 130-65. In the City of Richland Center, District 2, Aaron Ewing defeated Jay B. Mueller, 106 to 101; and in District 4, Scotty D. Wallace received 114 votes to defeat Bill Kloehn who received 80 votes. Three incumbents for Trustee in the Village of Muscoda defeated an official write in opponent to maintain their seats. William Bartlet received 142 votes, Jerry Bindl 139 and Allan Blood received 114. Write-in candidate, Patrick Neff received 35. In the Town of Pulaski, Roy Seifert defeated Melvin Kreul 93 to 56 for Town Chair. In the supervisory race in Pulaski Township, Bill Whitmire and Bill Bahr were elected with 110 and 109 votes respectively. Dean Putz had 38 and Nick Ramsden 32. Diana Michek defeated Kandy Putz 119 to 31 for County Clerk and Dwayne Hiltbrand defeated Joanie Haffner 113 to 36 for County Treasurer.

In Sauk County Dave Schulte defeated Brad Kruse 130 to 62 for Board Supervisor 1 in Washington Township. In the Woodland Township Board Chair race, Ed Woolever won a close race over James Thornsen, 84 to 82. In the race for the Village of Loganville, Trustee 2 , Thomas Statz defeated Karlyn McNeely 42 to 13. For Village Trustee in North Freedom, the top three vote getters winning a position out of the four candidates were: Alan Doering with 79 votes, Andrew Dear with 73 votes, and Tony Fluette with 71 votes. The fourth candidate, Darrell Weiland received 61 votes. Four candidates were vying for three seats for Village Trustee in Plain. The winners were: Melissa Kraemer 228 votes, Brian Brey 186 votes, and Andy Kraemer with 173 votes. The fourth candidate, Steve Whitford received 127 votes.

In school board election results: in Area 6 of the River Valley School District Sara Young defeated a write in campaign by Jess Hisel, 2739 to 211. In the Riverdale School District, David McHenry defeated Harry Dugan, 540-259. In the Kickapoo school district Area 3 race between Jennifer Vielhaber and Isaac Wallace, Vielhaber won 352-329.

Vernon County had an Advisory Referendum asking: Should the WI legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative, congressional district plans, maps?

71% of voters said yes 4,245 to 29% No or 1,741 in that advisory referendum.