Wednesday Game Day: April 3rd

This week Phil and Ron continued their game of "You Might Be a Redneck If...Game" during Wednesday Game Day.


Tuesday Quiz Day: April 2nd

Today was the first Tuesday Quiz Day for the month of April. This week Ron tested Phil's knowledge of libraries.


Wednesday Game Day: March 27th

Today's Wednesday Game Day was all about finding out, if Phil and Ron were rednecks. The two played a game of, "You Might Be A Redneck If...Game."


Richland Center Cemetery Clean-up

With the return of spring, residents are reminded to remove any and all decorations, flowers, Christmas wreaths and stands from the Richland Center Cemetery. The Parks Department will be going through the cemetery beginning April 1st. If there are any items remaining by April 15th, they will be discarded.


Wednesday Game Day: March 20th

The name of the game this week is "Frustration!" See who comes out on top as Phil and Ron go head to head in this week's Wednesday Game Day.


Get Real 2019

Students from area schools recently took part in the Get Real program. The program gives students real life scenarios to simulate what expenses they may come across when they leave school. WRCO had a chance to talk with some of the individuals who help put on the event each year.

Brandon Fetterly

Patrick Manning and Patti Silver

Sue Sharp

Joe Nusse

Chelsea Wunnicke

Emily Breininger

Jonathan Schmidt

Connie Jump


Richland School Board March 18th Meeting

Like other school districts around the state, the Richland School District is facing building a budget for next year, not knowing what state funding will be available.

Wednesday Game Day: March 13th

Phil and Ron tried to avoid bugging out when they got together for this week's Wednesday Game Day. The two played a game of "Buggaloop."


School Announcements For March 13th

Two Hours Late:  Kickapoo




Wednesday Game Day: March 6th

Wednesday Game Day this week was a formal affair. Phil and Ron sat down to play a sophisticated game of Tennessee Tuxedo!