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Lets Go On A Date In 1978!

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

This Saturday night during Those Were The Days we will take a trip back to 1978.  A look at the music chart from forty years ago and your rock and roll requests will be featured on our six hour retro show called Those Were The Days.  In 1978 I was just starting to take mental notes about the young ladies at my school.  They were some of my good friends.  In fact, they would tell me so each time I suggested that 'we go together'!    This was usually followed by "You are so funny Phil. Would you go find out if Paul likes me, likes me"?    I was usually the go between friend that would find out the inside information on the love interests of Ithaca.  I knew all of the cool hits as most of my spare and work time at home involved the radio playing in the background.  This week in 1978 there were many great jams including: We Are The Champions-Queen,  Peg-Steely Dan,  What's Your Name?-Lynyrd Skynyrd, Long, Long Way From Home-Foreigner,  Thunder Island-Jay Ferguson, Name Of The Game-ABBA, and Breakdown-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  Those were some good songs to put on a mix tape for a young lady that really liked Paul!  Perhaps when Paul told her that he liked Tami, she would listen to her tape and realize what a great guy old Phil Nee was.  I knew that I was not going to win her over with my looks or athletic ability.  It had to be my wit and my music collection.  Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9 will hit the airwaves with hits this Saturday night between six and Midnight on WRCO FM 100.9.


Hot Tunes From February 1971

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

This Saturday night during Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9, we will fly back to 1971.  New songs that month which are now classics include:  Your Song-Elton John, Love The One Your're With-Stephen Stills,  Immigrant Song-Led Zepplin, and Knock Three Times-Dawn.  The television show All In The Family was a brand new program,  Apollo 14 was making news,  and Evel Knievel was settting a world record by jumping his motorcycle over nineteen cars.  What a time it was to be listening to my wonderful AM radio and those far off signals on a cold Winter night.  The shows on the Curtis Matthis television set were coming in clear except for an occasional low flying plane taking off or landing at the Richland County airport at Sextonville that would provide interference that was picked up on our VHF antenna.   The music will take us back and make us feel young this Saturday night during Those Were The Days. I will be here to take your requests and we will play trivia with one major question per hour during the six hour show. 

We had a great time this past Saturday night.  There were many requests that we have not had the chance to play for a long time.  The last half hour we were nearly stuck in the late fifties and sixties!  That is what makes the show so much fun.  We never know from week to week where we are going.  The show is listener driven.  Listen again this weekend for the best of the fifties through the eighties during Those Were The Days.

Phil Nee

The Day The Music Died

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

This Saturday night on WRCO FM 100.9, we will pay tribute to the artists lost fifty-nine years ago in 1959.   Our Those Were The Days radio program will highlight songs from the careers of Buddy Holly,  Ritchie Valens, and the J.P. 'The Big Bopper'  Richardson.  They were killed in a plane crash along with pilot Roger Peterson all of those years ago.  I have been to Clear Lake, Iowa and visited the Surf Ballroom which was the last play the three stars performed.  My visit was nearly thirty years ago and I can vividly recall walking the farm field out to the crash site.  At that time it was barely marked.  It was a strange feeling holding up the picture and realizing it was the same old rusty barbed wire that was there the night of the crash.  Our WRCO weather almanac lists the record high and low temperatures for each day of the year.  It is amazing how many record low temps still remain from that Winter of 1958-59.  Those were horribly cold days and nights and some of the biggest names in music were riding on an old school bus with no heat.  This would never happen in 2018.  During Those Were The Days on FM 100.9 Saturday night, we will not dwell on the sadness of the event and the what might have beens.  We will spin some of the biggest hits of the trio.  We will also take your calls for songs and the trivia games will be going on.  I hope you will join me for a celebration of the greatest music of the fifties through the eighties Saturday night from six until midnight on WRCO FM 100.9.


My Favorite Teen Idols

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

On this Saturday nights Those Were The Days radio show, I will play some of my favorite teen idols.  The men and women entertainers that I feel were more than just pretty faces!  The definition of a teen idol is sometimes debated.  Even though they were loved by millions of teens that screamed,  I don't feel that Elvis and the Beatles were teen idols.  The stars that got roles on television shows that led to music, got record deals because they were a pretty face, or were groomed into being music stars by a manager or talent agency.  In some cases, these stars put out some pretty good records. In many cases these entertainers were singers and played intstruments before fame.   I will take a look at some of my guilty musical pleasures this Saturday night.   I have always maintained that some Partridge Family records were pretty good,  Bobby Sherman had a couple of moments, and  Bobby Rydell is an incredible talent.  Rick Nelson was famous for being on his parents television show, however, his musical talent was obvious and his records were incredible.  This Saturday night I will spin a few of my favorite teen records and your rock and roll requests.  Those Were The Days is a proud part of the WRCO FM 100.9 Saturday 'retro'  shows.  I hope you will check in during trivia and requests between six and midnight.


Those Were The Days Remembering 1983

Posted by on in Those Were The Days

It does not seem possible that thirty-five years have passed since 1983.  That was a fun year for me.  I was studying to be a d.j.  (still am today) and my buddy Marty and me were on the road spinning little records for anyone that would cough up $40.00 or so.  I would trek home on the weekends to see my girl friend and to work for my parents for cash.  We would spin records and than head back to school on Sunday nights.  I had more energy in 1983!   MTV was on at the 'swinging bachelor pad' during the week.  It was an introduction to many new groups and styles of music.  We got to see and hear the Clash,  Dexys Midnight Runners, The Stray Cats,  Hall & Oates, and many others.  Thirty-five years later, I still am fond of many of the songs from that time.  I still can't believe that I am more that thirty-five.  This Saturday night during Those Were The Days on WRCO FM 100.9, I will spin some of the huge hits from the year of '83.  You can request any pop radio hit from the fifties through the eighties.  It is a blast when someone challenges me to find a song.  I have learned so much from listeners over the years.  There are songs that I never knew about until they were requested during Those Were The Days.  Perhaps you will be one of the six trivia game winners during Those Were The Days Saturday night.

Phil Nee-Trans American School Of Broadcasting graduate Spring 1983

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