Richland Electric Cooperative Scam Alert

It's the time of year at the outset of the heating season when utility scams are making the rounds. Richland Electric Cooperative has been made aware of a potential scam in the area. REC members have received calls from an individual posing as a WE Energies representative. The caller threatened the members with service disconnection if a payment is not made.

Richland Electric cautions its members and all other utility customers to be alert to these potential scams. First of all, do not give any information to the caller. Second, you are well advised to hang up and call your utility directly using the telephone number listed on your bill to make sure you are calling your utility office. Do use a number a scammer may give you.

Members of Richland Electric Cooperative who have questions are encouraged to call Richland Electric Cooperative directly at 608-647-3173.