FEMA coming to Richland County

Walker administration officials say the Wisconsin governor has requested that FEMA conduct a preliminary damage assessment in the state.

That's the first step toward a formal request for a federal disaster declaration. Hundreds of Wisconsin families were impacted by the tornadoes and flooding events over the past three weeks. Federal teams from FEMA and the Small Business Administration will coordinate with state and local emergency management officials starting September 24th in a process taking about one week.

Richland County Emergency management Director, Darin Gudgeon, said that Richland County will be among the counties FEMA will visit the week of September 24. FEMA has not been in the state since 2008 to assess damage for individuals which is a clear indicator how extensive the damage has been from this year's flooding. Gudgeon says that FEMA teams will start in the areas hardest hit: Dane, Vernon and Sauk Counties. They will then visit other areas including Richland County. Gudgeon says that Richland County had four homes destroyed, 10 with major damage, 13 minor damage and many affected which is the terminology used by FEMA. During the assessment phase, FEMA reps will will be accompanied by local and state officials. They will visit the homes that have been destroyed or suffered major damage. They will not enter any homes but will observe the surroundings and listen.

It is imperative that local residents carefully document everything with pictures, receipts, and notes. Be sure to save all correspondence with your insurance company.