2018 Richland County Fair

The 2018 Richland County Fair had its share of hardships and setbacks due to flooding but thankfully a good number of events still took place at the Richland County Fairgrounds this past weekend. Ron Fruit had a chance to talk with a number of individuals who helped make this year's fair a success. Click the read more button for a chance to listen to those interviews.

Carla Doudna

Adam Hady

Karleen Craddock

Paige Carter

Becca Cooper

Kristen Halink

Ryan Keller

Autumn Carter

Scott Gald

Gary Peters

Wes Keller

Shari Graffunder

Isabella Haen

Laci Banker

Colin Huth

Mitchell Woodman

Kostas Gyros

Junior Marshall

Steve Kohlstedt

Brady Joyce

Jody Cornell

Katie Heisz

Dr. Terry Moen

Caleb Tracy

Paul Noodleman

McKenna Layer