St. Mary School Walk For Virtues

St. Mary School in Richland Center will conduct its annual Walk for Virtues on Friday, May 4th. The walk takes students on a ten mile trek through Richland Center. The Walk for Virtues serves as a major fundraiser for the school and is a culmination of things learned throughout the year.

Each year the students walk around the City of Richland Center to bring awareness to the community. Students and staff will begin the walk at 9:00 AM Friday morning and will conclude around noon.

With the walk meant as a fundraiser, the public is invited to sponsor a student or give a donation. Sponsorships and donations for the Walk for Virtues will be accepted through mid May. The community is invited to participate in St. Mary's Walk for Virtues and enjoy some quality time with students and family.

St. Mary's Annual Walk for Virtues will be held Friday morning, May 4th at 9:00 AM. Participants will be walking throughout Richland Center. Motorists are urged to keep an eye out for the students as they cross city streets.