Spring General Election Forum

The Spring General Election is quickly approaching. We have extended air time on WRCO for the local candidates that will be up for election. Be sure to check back throughout the week to hear from more of the candidates. They will also be broadcast on WRCO during the Morning Show this week on WRCO FM 100.9.

Richland Center Mayoral Candidates

Paul Corcoran

Michael Kaufman

Richland School Board Candidates

Brady Doudna

Isabella Castaneda Straight

Richland Center City Council Candidates

District 1:

Karen Tepley

Jacob Lundgren

District 2:

Jay B. Mueller

Travis Wertz

District 3:

Robert Bindl

John Collins

Richland County Board Candidates

District 2:

Shaun Lopez Murphy

Dr. Bryan Myers

District 7

Jessica Laeseke

Melissa Luck

District 9

Melissa Burke

Jayme Walsh

District 14

Bill Kloehn

Chad Cosgrove

District 19

Van Nelson

Floyd Batrow, Jr.