Richland County Finance and Personnel March 6th Meeting

The Richland County Finance & Personnel Committee met Tuesday morning, March 6th. Among its discussion topics was the idea of a county administrator.

Other counties in the state are made up of a variety of administrative manners. Some, just as Richland County are led by a board of supervisors, some have a combination of supervisors and coordinators, some just hire a coordinator and still some hire administrators. The difference between a coordinator and administrator is that a coordinator simply coordinates departments while an administrator supervisors. A county administrator is appointed by the board of supervisors and supervises the department heads. If the county were to hire an administrator, department heads as well as county board supervisors would give up some of their authority. It was also pointed out that if the county did hire an administrator, the county board and committees could eventually be downsized. Around one third of the counties around the state have a county administrator.

A Civil Rights Compliance Plan Training and Oversight were also discussed. In order for the county to receive federal funding one must be implemented. It is felt that the best department to handle this is through a personnel department which Richland County does not have. At this time, the board is looking for a department to handle the paperwork and training to verify that the county is in compliance.

Pay increases were discussed for the next four year term of elected officials for sheriff and clerk of circuit court. Approval was given to follow the pattern which has been established in the past. An increase of 2.5% in 2019 and 20, and $1,200 in 2021 and 22. The coroner’s position gets paid per call or job. It was approved to increase per calls in 2019 and 20 by $20 and an additional $20 in 2021 and 22. Pager calls will also be added to the coroner’s compensation. Deputy coroners salaries will remain the same.

In other salary discussions the committee moved to raise the hourly rate of the corporate council to $75 an hour. The salary of the family court commissioner was raised by 2.5%. The salary of the child support administrator will remain the same.

Pine Valley Community Village presented a nursing home/assisted living administrator job description update. The committee felt that since the description had not been updated since the 1990’s and with a new administrator starting soon, it is a good time to make some adjustments. The Certified Nursing Assistant bonus of $500 adjusted to comply with the state’s WIS Care Program. Pine Valley also requested an addendum change for sick leave donations which was also approved.

The committee also approved medical leave for a non-work related injury to an EMT injured February 24 and unable to return to work until March 20. All action items will need to be approved by the full Richland County Board of Supervisors to become effective. That meeting will be held Tuesday, March 20, at 10:00 AM.