Richland Hospital IV Shortage

Wisconsin hospitals and health systems are taking steps to conserve their supply of IV solution as they cope with unprecedented national shortages. A majority of the hospitals and health systems in Wisconsin responding to a survey from the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA), said they are proactively rationing intravenous (IV) solution to minimize the impact on their organizations. The shortage has impacted the Richland Hospital.

Almost half of the hospitals responding to the Wisconsin Hospital Association survey say their conservation efforts are having a significant impact on staffing, scheduling or other operational issues. A few organizations report they have come close to rescheduling procedures or sending patients to other facilities because they were so low on IV solution. To date, no hospitals have had to transfer patients or postpone treatments.

The FDA recently announced it has taken steps to attempt to remedy the crisis by allowing the importation of saline products from other countries and also by approving new saline products. Hospitals nationwide are concerned about the uncertainty of when these products will become available and when a long-term solution to the shortage will be implemented. While uncertainties may exist, the Richland Hospital continues to fulfill its mission and core values of service to patients, community and staff.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association is monitoring the IV Shortage with its member hospitals, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Division of Public Health, the Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Program, and the Division of Quality Assurance.