Riverdale School District Math Program

The Riverdale School District is making some strong strides in math education with student math achievement scores improving.

The two programs used at Riverdale, Matific and Reflex Math, both build understanding and fact fluency. Changes in the students’ perception as well as their proficiency of mathematics in the elementary building is being credited to the incorporation of a guided math approach in which small groups meet during math block times to individualize teaching of math concepts. As district leaders and teachers continue to work to improve the instruction and delivery of math, students continue to respond and achieve.

Teachers have also embraced the use of technology and have devoted numerous hours in the past three summers for professional development as the district works to build student understanding of grade level concepts and number sense.

This allowed teachers in the district to receive free training and showcase Riverdale District programming to area schools as well, as an invitation to register for the training at a reduced cost. Since that event, teachers from other districts have visited Riverdale Elementary to better understand how the district teaches math. In addition, the software company Matific, has also asked to form a partnership with the Riverdale District.

The Riverdale Communities Education Foundation has played a key role in the growing excitement about math in the district. This has an impact on the growth mindset of students, as they are able to explore the joy of mathematics through the materials supplied by the Foundation. These materials, as well as Matific and Reflex Math, will be some of the things highlighted at the upcoming Family Math Night on Tuesday, March 6.