Personnel and Finance Committee January 2nd Meeting

The Richland County Finance & Personnel Committee met on Tuesday, January 2nd.

The committee was updated by Health & Human Services Director Patrick Metz that the updated expenses for institutional costs for 2017 were $656,000 for adults and $717,000 for children for a total of $1,373,000. He noted that two individuals were responsible for $455,000 of this total. It was also clarified that Institutional Placements refers to all court ordered placements which includes institutional as well as foster care placement.

The committee also discussed the impact of a 40 hour work week for employees. At this time the courthouse is the only entity not working a 40 hour week. The cost impact for all employees to work a 40 hour week would be $120,000 annually with $90,000 from the tax levy. This is in addition to the step system pay grade wage study to take effect in 2018. The increase also does not include FICA, Social Security, or Pension.

The committee also approved members to attend the Wisconsin Counties Association Legislative Exchange with reimbursement as pertinent information concerning the UW reconfiguration will be discussed.

Management Information Systems Department presented Google Drive and Cloud Services. Different departments would like to go to a system that would allow different personnel to work on the same documents at the same time. This would allow more clean cut documents and a tighter security system. There is a $5 per user fee per month for this service. Health & Human Services would like to use it for grant work for a drug free community and the Sheriff’s Department would like to use it for work they do. It would mean a savings for the Sheriff’s Department. This would actually be a motion to amend policy and for employees to use work related information on their government account and not a private account. The motion passed. The committee also approved to renew the Barracuda Web Security Renewal which is in the 2018 budget.

Recommendations of the Finance & Personnel Committee will be brought to the full board at its next meeting on January 16.